The unpublished adventures of Paddington (teen+ to avoid difficult conversations!)


I think he’s quacking up (all)

2015-03-23 22.12.53

Cooking with Cthuhlu (all, but probably a little cult)

2015-03-23 22.15.20

Baby Cthuhlu by Crazy Bricks.

May the Farce be with you (all)

2015-03-23 22.17.47

Mind the gap (all)

2015-03-24 19.22.26

2015-03-24 19.22.59

A view of Canary Wharf from Shadwell Basin (all)

2015-03-24 18.19.52

Just shows you should always carry a reasonable camera with you… you never know when you’ll get an opportunity for a wonderful image!

Alternate Methods for making Shawn the Sheep (PG)

Just… because… :)

2015-03-21 07.23.33

2015-03-21 07.24.04

Instructions to Make your own Shawn the Sheep! (all)

A couple of people thought my Shawn the Sheep was cool and with the film coming up, I thought I’d publish instructions…

2015-03-21 07.24.40

2015-03-21 07.51.38

(and if ever there was a reason for buying Mixels, it was the ball, socket and eye parts!)

I’ve laid the parts out as (L-R) Body, Head, Legs, ‘wool’

2015-03-21 07.51.56

2015-03-21 07.52.34

2015-03-21 07.53.13


I will also note that the legs aren’t as solid as the rest of the model.

2015-03-21 07.53.40

2015-03-21 07.54.26


Better luck next time (pg)


PCSOs: helping people find London Bridge since the 1600s (0900 at weekends) #minifigurehq

Tourists confused face: model’s own



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