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A week in creativity. Sorry. (All)

Just a quick apology… no blog post this weekend. I’m currently enjoying life, and so the earliest I would be posting anything will be Monday… so I have decided to roll over to next weekend.

So have a great, creative week and I’ll tell you what I did then!

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Great Western Brick Show (all)

2017-10-08 07.33.57

The Brick show is an annual Lego show held in the former buildings of the Great Western Railway.  Although many of the buildings now form the Swindon shopping outlet centre, the museum STEAM plays host to the Lego show, where three of the halls are given over to various exhibitions.

The following pictures provide little more than a light summary of the exhibitions and really don’t do justice to the quality of the builds that were displayed.

The first exhibition is the Palace of Westminster. It makes use of 11 “Big Ben” sets and there was a complete inventory list, should you want to try this at home!

2017-10-07 12.37.47

It’s Nicolas and Kobe off the television show!

It was great to be able to see their model close up – so much detail, cool features and clever parts usage.

I wonder how many kids got the Robocop scene… or the Predator!

Bricks to the Past created a huge diorama focusing on the Jacobite Rebellion. From articles that I read I know that they spent a huge length of time making sure that the details and information was correct.

Not everything Lego minifigure scale worked as a figure being full-sized.  This build reframed the figures as toy sized – and everything in it is built from Lego!

The theme of space featured highly – including a whole raft of Enterprise spaceships!  And there was not one, but two models for the War of the Worlds – this one seemed to do it just a little more smoothly (but that is my subjective opinion, both were really cool builds.

One of the nice things about the exhibition is the ability to talk and learn from the builders.  I saw a really cool design for a tree – and it was great that they then picked the tree up to show me how it was made!


As well as fixed models, they held a number of “Robot Wars” throughout the day. I managed to watch a few of these competitions.  The rules meant that the robots would be made from standard Lego, with no adaptions, and not glued.  There were some brilliant competitions and it was great fun.

2017-10-07 13.05.39

This link takes you to a video of a competition between “Mr Plow” and “The scorpion:


As a final collection of images, the company Bright Bricks also created a number of huge scale builds for the shopping centre:


In all, I took over a hundred images.  Because of the scale of the crowds (filled with excitable young children) getting good pictures was a bit of a challenge – a lot was “snap and move”, so there was a lot of camera shake. Sorry!

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A week in creativity (w/e 08 October)(all)

Hello everyone and a happy Sunday to you all!

I seem to have caught up on a number of the artworks I started a while back, but never got round to actually finishing, which was nice, as well as creating yet more stuff.  On Saturday we went to the Great Western Lego Show in Swindon and saw some amazing creations.  I haven’t gone through all the pictures I took yesterday, but I have included a couple of pictures here – as well as a link to a short video that I took of the Lego Robot Wars competition.


We’ll start with the Photo a Day challenges:

2017-10-02 08.05.38
Envelope “You don’t need to physically push it”
2017-10-02 18.57.25
I bought this (more on this further down)
2017-10-05 08.12.42
2017-10-06 07.36.59
Green – Tink, my airsick fairy
2017-10-06 07.33.09
Green – I thought I ought to do something “normal”

A little on the polybag for “I bought this”.  When the London Flagship store opened in Leicester Square, Lego gave away about 200 “Lester” minifigures via a scratch card lottery.  Unsurprisingly, almost instantly many hit the aftermarket sales with stupid figures being asked for.  The only way you could get a Lester (apart from this expensive route) was to get a custom creator to make one for you (thank you Brick Sanity!) However, this week Lego released a Polybag version in it’s London store only – so I took the opportunity to just go and get one whilst I could!

Whilst in the London Lego store, I did see a completed new Millenium Falcon.  I was right – there is absolutely NO WAY that this would fit in the house!!

2017-10-02 17.47.21

The rest of the week was quite fun, finishing off art.  Last month I bought some wooden Keith Haring stencils, and from them created some postcard art – one of which was inspired from a classic line from a Peter Sellers film.

2017-10-08 08.15.29
A little bit of motivation, “I can do it”
2017-10-01 17.55.45
A simple halloween display
2017-10-02 22.05.10
I completed this using my Chameleon pens
2017-10-03 23.03.21
originally a fun little ghost, I adapted it a little
2017-10-06 18.07.49
Nuclear Baby – using a Keith Haring stencil
2017-10-06 18.08.01
“That is not my dog!” Stencils and pens!
2017-10-06 18.07.19
A random doodle

Finally, here are a few pictures from yesterday’s trip to the Great Western Lego show.  The mini figure was one in a charity tombola raising funds for Fairy Bricks.

2017-10-08 07.33.572017-10-07 11.33.29

2017-10-07 11.33.33
detail on the tassel

2017-10-07 11.57.512017-10-07 13.05.39

And finally – here’s a link to one of the Robot Wars battles – Mr Plow vs.  The Scorpion!

Have a great week – see you next week!

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A week in creativity (week ending 1st October)(all)

Hi everyone!

It has been a fun week in terms of creativity.  Some of the “photo a day” images have felt (in hindsight) that they were a little rushed or not fully thought out (more on that later) – but then that’s the personal critic.


A new addition to the toy cupboard must be William and Benjamin; the two Figma Bodykun models.  I’ve had William a while now, but with Benjamin to interact with I’m hoping to have a lot more fun.

With the photo a day challenge and late nights this week I didn’t have space for much drawing; I managed three pieces over the week, one of which was sent off as a small gift and which I will share next week. Anyway – onwards!

2017-09-25 08.26.31
25 – Clean: a clean room for observations
2017-09-25 21.49.49
26 – shape: you don’t need to do eleventy billion situps to be in shape
2017-09-26 22.12.13
27 – bubbles: the cartoonist’s friend
2017-09-27 22.13.19
28 – Trash: I wanted to do something different from the “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” – I think I got it
2017-09-29 07.19.26
29 – Dessert: “Just… nope.” I had to double check my spelling for this one; just in case, dessert is the food variety and desert is the sandy, cactus area
30 – Selfie (1): ‘William was pleased with the feature on his phone’. Yes, this image is heavily edited.
2017-09-29 18.24.19
30 – Selfie (2): “No, I can’t take a selfie OF you; that’s just taking a picture” My comment on people who use the tag Selfie when they are nowhere near the camera and it’s clearly not on a timer…
2017-09-30 09.46.40
30 – Selfie (3): OK, a ‘proper’ selfie. Taken about 10 minutes after a 5K run.

So a new month, and a new round of photo a day challenges.

2017-10-01 07.34.25
1 October – My happy place.

This one, “My happy place” was one that I did ponder and I’m glad I did; it was a pleasant opportunity to reflect on what actually was my happy place.  I thought about my home office where I do much of my blogging and creativity – but actually because of … well, it’s being redecorated and designed, so perhaps I should photograph the one I’m currently working in.  But I only spend half my time here, so is it just an open box of drawing pens?  I started to think what many people would post pictures of – their favourite holiday destination perhaps?  Well, there are a few places that I would be more than happy to head back again and again – which in turn brought back happy memories; in that instance I knew that actually MY Happy Place is the memories, worlds, ideas and stories that I create in one place… in my own head; somewhere I can retreat to whenever I want to.

And William and Benjamin suggested that we use that rather cool little skull head.


Not sure what prompted this little image, but I’m glad I did it:

2017-09-29 18.07.45
“Ok, maybe I AM afraid of THAT ghost!”

I didn’t take my full compliment of colouring pens with me this week, but I drew the circle and zig zag (doesn’t mean anything to me, just something I saw and thought it looked interesting) then continued with the mandala design behind it.  Because I did have a pink I thought I would add a small splash of colour to the overall result.  This took two nights and about 5 hours to do.

2017-09-27 22.36.12

In contrast, the image below took about 2 hours – but then it was much simpler.  I’d had the Tattva symbols bouncing around my head (in Hindu tantrism there are five, which align to the more pagan elements) and I added the mystic eye and an adapted yin-yang to the bottom.

In case you are interested in knowing more – at the top of the page, with the downwards pointing triangle with the line across, is Earth; its opposite (triangle pointing upwards, no line) is Fire.  To the left (triangle pointing donwards, no line) is Water and its opposite is Air.  The missing one (sometimes shown in the centre) is Spirit.2017-09-27 23.41.09


So with a mystical symbolism at the end, I wish you a pleasant week of creativity 🙂


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William and Benjamin (all)

2017-09-29 07.34.48

A few months back, I bought a Figma Bodykun posable model.  Unlike all the other characters I have in my collection, this one is both hyper posable and I can replace the hands – enabling a far wider realism in my toy photographs.

After the incident at the house I thought that the figure had been damaged – some of the joints seemed a little “off” than before and so I decided that what I needed to do was replace the model with a new one.  So, Model 2 was ordered.

When it arrived, I’d had a change of heart.  Actually, the first one wasn’t that bad in regards to posability and that having two would actually enable more opportunities.  And because they weren’t the same – well, that just helped.

Almost instantly these two figures developed characters in my mind.  I see the one on the left having more of a C3PO and the one on the right being (or at least seeming) to be more of “jock” style lunkhead (in my head, I know that he won’t be – but I like the idea that one thinks he’s smarter than the other).

Because I know I will be developing their personalities I decided to name them.  William is on the left, Benjamin is on the right.  And yes, I am being a little smart here – William can be shortened to Bill and Benjamin… well, we have the flower pot men!

2017-09-24 17.47.39
“Hi… Larry? Yea we’re going to be late on that photoshoot… yeah, he’s decided to go through the Rapture… again…”
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If Music is the food of love, turn it down a bit (all)

2017-09-21 19.40.20

I’m not a musician; however I do listen to a lot of it and this year I’ve managed to see a lot of live music.  I’ll admit that I don’t tend to do the huge stadium events – the costs (to me) are quite steep and in many cases I’ve seen the band play at much smaller venues (I remember seeing AC/DC more than once at the smaller Wembley Arena, years before the release of Black Ice and their worldwide popularity pushed them to stadium tours, packing out Wembley Stadium next door).  But there is one thing that seems to be a constant – how the music SOUNDS depending on where you are on the lineup.

2017-09-24 08.49.23

When the band makes a song for their album, it will typically be note perfect, and probably the best version that you will hear.  If it’s a popular band, when they play their song live, as the headliner, it will sound (usually) pretty close to the original, perhaps with a few twiddles.  If they are headlining at a stadium, then the song may have a few more twiddly extras and possibly links to other popular songs.  And there may well be cool lighting too.

But if the band is a support band, typically the sound (to the audience) will be overblown and just sounding so very rough compared to their album version.  Carefully written, clever lyrics drowned by the imbalanced rhythm guitar.  If it aint’t loud enough, whack it up a little more – then they’ll stop talking to each other and listen to what we’re playing.

Whilst I’ll admit that I’m not a young man anymore (Well, physically anyway) I’m not for one minute suggesting that they just turn the volume down a bit – I’m just a little confused by it all.

I’ll accept that the support band is there to warm up the audience, and possibly get a few more pounds behind the bar in drinks, or reduce the push at the merchandise table, but if you know that the support band is going to sound rough whoever they are, why would you go in?

I’ll also accept that no headliner really wants their support band to be better than them – but actually, it’s going to happen (one reason why I enjoy listening to all the bands of the evening) and that says more about the headliners and their security about what they can do than anything else.

But if it’s not the volume coming out, it must be the volumes going in to the speakers – which begs the question – what happens at a soundcheck?  Do they get Deaf Bob at the decks (“nope can’t hear it, let’s turn that up”) or does someone then mess around with the switches, faders etc when the soundcheck is over?  And if that happens everytime, doesn’t anyone make any notes?  And surely, with an empty hall it’s got to be more echoey than when there are people in it?

I could accept that the band themselves, with in-ear monitors, have no idea what the sound is like at the front of the stage – knowing only what is going into their ears – but isn’t that the job of the sound desk?


As I said at the start, I’m not a musician, and in truth whilst it frustrates me I’ll stand their with ear plugs and listen to each band – I have bought loads of albums from support bands because they have sounded good (through ear plugs).  But if our creative talents are measured by our outputs, shouldn’t we all strive to show our fine art work using small brushes, rather than just trying to reproduce it with a 6-inch wide brush and one colour of paint?

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A week in creativity (week ending 24.09)

Hey everyone!

As well as the “photo a day” challenge, this week (creatively) featured a mad dash to London and a revisit to a fantastic exhibition! So, let’s go to the gallery….

2017-09-17 08.28.40
Day 17: My addiction – apart from heading to dark places, the fact that I buy so many of these cute figures must be an addiction!
2017-09-01 14.42.51
Day 18: outtake – it wasn’t until I looked at these pictures later that I saw that reflection in the glass.
2017-09-18 21.47.40
Day 19: out of focus – is that clearer? The accuracy of a Stormtrooper’s shooting is again brought under question!
2017-09-20 06.37.28
Day 20: Dinner – Alice’s dinner
2017-09-20 19.40.39
Day 21: Between – as in ‘between the eyes’ – a deadshot Stormtrooper!
2017-09-22 08.57.12
Day 22: care – the morning after a night out; self care in a sausage sandwhich!
2017-09-23 08.17.31
Day 23: rule of thirds: If the dinner is nice, asking for thirds is the rule. As Instagram uses squares (and has guides), the Instagram posted version has the figure and the bowls on the grid lines – on the the thirds.
2017-09-24 08.49.04
Day 24: everyday adventure: I don’t believe there’s such a thing!

This week, a new art exhibition is opening at the Barbican, London. The Barbican estate  was built in the 1960s and is all scheduled as a Grade 2 Listed area because it is a huge example of what is known as “brutalist” architecture. But it also has a very strong no-graffiti policy – and this week the street artist known as Banksy put two of his pieces on the walls.    As I type this, some 6 days later, the Barbican has still to announce what they will do – recognising that these pieces link to their exhbition, that they are Banksy’s (and therefore have value) and that this flies in the face of their no graffiti policy.  So I decided to head over to the Barbican and get a photograph before they decide to remove them.

Sue and I went to see a few bands this week, and took the opportunity on the Friday to go to the Victoria and Albert museum to and see the Pink Floyd exhibition “Their Mortal Remains”.  I had already seen it before, but it was nice to see it again – and find the things that I had missed before.  It also meant that our memories were fresh and we could discuss and compare notes.  This week was also Design Week in London, and the V&A were hosting some other design exhibitions in other halls.  As well as a very weird light reflecting room, there was a fascinating show about plywood and how it was made (which I didn’t know about) as well as examples (did you know that it was made into leg splints by the designers Charles and Ray Eames for World War 2?)

2017-09-22 10.27.29
An interesting chair to make from two pieces of plywood
2017-09-22 11.15.19
round display from the Pink Floyd exhibit
2017-09-22 11.41.05
I didn’t remember seeing the lasers in the ceiling before
2017-09-22 13.12.09
The Dale Chihuly in the V&A
2017-09-22 13.16.37
The reflection room
2017-09-22 13.17.06
The reflection room

for more on the reflection room, go to