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A week in creativity (all)

Hello everyone!

This week, I took a moment to consider what creativity actually is.  For many, we think of it as something we have to create, make or produce without just taking it from the box. A creative person is someone who can take a blank canvas and make something; a non-creative person needs the lines to colour in between. This is only 50% true – in both cases the people are creative (but perhaps one might be considered more creative… but then you’re heading into the worlds of perception and objective opinion 🙂 )

But I also discovered another facet – creativity as an expression.  This week, I decided to use the Eldredge knot to tie my tie…

2017-03-20 07.53.46

and I realised that this in itself is creativity as an expression.  Not only is it a creative pattern for a tie knot, it also is an expression for the person wearing it.  Subtle, but very different from the norm.  (I used Google to find the instructions…. I’d also suggest setting time aside to practice!)

OK, onto the week’s Photo a Day Challenges. At the end I’ve explained a few of them and the process to get to them.  Enjoy!

2017-03-20 07.53.57
20: wall (and WALL-E)
2017-03-21 07.52.37
21: button. If there was a magic wishes button, how many times a day would you press it?
2017-03-21 18.53.50
22: stripes
2017-03-23 16.16.09
23: Anything (so… here’s a THING!)
2017-03-24 07.54.24
24: Starts with N…. Nanna-Nanna Batman!
2017-03-25 08.46.47
25: Half: My Lego Freeny homage
2017-03-26 09.10.44
26: Aroma. Going through the perfume counters


Day 21’s theme was “button” and looking at the keyboard, I saw the “escape” button…

2017-03-20 19.54.15

So I had my two figures pressing the escape button for somewhere sunny…. but amused me until I realised that firstly it wasn’t clear that the figure on the left was pressing the escape button, but also that these aren’t buttons… they’re keys (you know, keyboard, not button board…) But it was fun setting this one up.

For Sunday 26th’s photo challenge “aroma” I had decided that I would use the posable figure to be sniffing something (I didn’t want to take a photo of bread, or freshly mown grass… mainly because that would have meant Doing Something First).

2017-03-26 09.07.09

It was only when I put the figure down and realised that his hand was covering his nose that inspiration struck.

The figure for “Half” on the 25th came to me after I had just built the Jack Sparrow and Captain Armando Salazar Lego Brick Headz figures.  Jason Freeny is a sculptor/artist specialising in semi-dissected figures, such as Lego Men, Chocolate Bunnies, Balloon Dogs and his work has inspired at least one custom build of mine.  So this was to be a fun challenge – and I think I got it.  No instructions, this was built from the ground up using whatever spare parts I had.  So hopefully the pictures below may inspire you to work out how I did it 🙂

Oh, and these are the two new Brick Headz figures…


Have a good week!



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Adventures in Normal (all)

2017-03-12 08.10.08
“I wonder if I should dye my hair”
2017-03-12 08.10.40
“Bet I’ll have to go to the loo if I drink all that”
2017-03-12 08.12.26
“Oh, I should have turned left!”*

So there’s a story behind this.  I planned to go out and do about 9Km / 6 miles, but instead went straight on when I should have turned left at Victoria Station… and as there was no path by the Battersea Power Station I ended up adding another mile and a half onto the run.  On the plus side, I now know a 10Km route…

2017-03-13 08.03.08
Convent Entrance
2017-03-19 09.07.08
2017-03-19 09.08.39
“You are in my powers”
2017-03-19 09.09.35
“I see you… Gotcha!”
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A week in creativity

It feels like it’s been a long week with little creativity; however my Fitbit has never been worked so hard! So apart from the daily photo challenges, there was only a small amount of additional creativity this week.

I suppose the biggest completion is the Jecka Cat.  Standing about 30cm tall, this build has taken approximately 10 hours to complete.  Unlike Lego, the bricks aren’t held together by clutch power alone but instead each row is then pinned together using little pins… over 2000 of them!  The bricks themselves aren’t standard Lego size either, so I couldn’t substitute to get it to look like one of our cats.  but I’m pleased with the way it’s come out.

I did manage to see how his model railway was coming on; although it is still in development, I did spot a couple of small opportunities to for pictures

2017-03-17 11.21.142017-03-17 11.20.55

The following is the random collection of images that I have taken over the week that weren’t tied to the photo challenge:

2017-03-17 16.55.24
Happy St Guinness Day
2017-03-12 08.08.46
“Fancy a good time?”
2017-03-12 11.28.50
Winder Woman – the lesser known super hero
2017-03-12 16.29.57
“Young Man, there’s no need to be down”
2017-03-14 17.21.14-1
Carnaby Street sign
2017-03-14 20.37.28
My entry for this week’s wheresyawienerwednesday
2017-03-16 19.34.24
Night photo Trafalgar Square
2017-03-16 19.47.14
2017-03-15 20.36.58
St Pauls Cathedral from Tate Modern
2017-03-13 20.06.01-1
Serpentine Lake, Hyde Park
2017-03-13 20.06.13-1
Across the Serpentine Lake

And so finally for this week, my weekly photo challenges:

2017-03-13 08.27.03
day 13: horizon
2017-03-13 21.20.23
day 14: in motion
2017-03-14 20.26.18
day 15: over. that moment
2017-03-15 22.34.37
day 16: key. as in off key
2017-03-16 19.35.43
day 17: off centre
2017-03-18 08.03.05
day 18: daily. Checking my Instagram feed
2017-03-19 08.13.24
day 19: orange


That’s all for this week!

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A week in creativity (all)

So this week I found time to go an look at some art, which I wrote up in another article for your enjoyment.  Additionally, I managed to get out an do some exercise this week which left little time for lots of creativity – but I still did some anyway.

One thing that was delivered this week was a new hyper-posable figure which can be used as an artists model. However, I’m intending to use it as a new weekly blog article called “Adventures in Normal”.  Anyhoo – onto the art:

2017-03-06 13.26.24
“these are my streets”
2017-03-07 21.32.05
Batman’s favourite pop group
2017-03-10 18.33.18
Mr Private. Under legal instruction I can’t tell his story
2017-03-07 21.29.44
this week was both #wheresyawienerwednesday and international women’s day. somehow this seemed perfect for irony
2017-03-07 21.19.50
Batman approved art
2017-03-06 21.04.55
a little evening Kawaii art


The weekly challenge continued and I was fortunate that I could use some of the pictures from the Art of the Brick to meet the brief for the day!

2017-03-06 12.35.00
day 6: in the air
2017-03-06 13.04.05
day 7: on
2017-03-07 21.28.21
day 8: fave part of the day – spending time with these guys
2017-03-09 00.58.21
day 9: miniature; love the detail in the drawing
2017-03-10 08.58.18
day 10: draw the untold (and unofficial) story of Mr Secret Agent
2017-03-10 16.50.51
day 11: two tone
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Adventures in Normal (all)

2017-03-11 08.21.49


I recently bought a Body Kun male grey figure (pictured above).  This is a hyper posable figure complete with a number of accessories.  Although the box suggests that its purpose is to be an artists model, I’m going to use it for photography.

One of the fun challenges with toy photography is making everything seem realistic (but not).  Because “Decker”* (my model) is so pliable, I’m going to try and set up Normal-ish scenes that I can photograph.  I may well use Lego, or folded card, to make up the scenes as needed – but the general influence will be the humanising of the image.  At least, that’s what I’m hoping for – and hence the “adventures in normal”; trying to make a scene that looks like any other day… but isn’t.

I decided on the title for this collection because in my opinion there is no such thing as normal (for people) as we all have our little quirks, opinions, preferences and prejudices; realistically the best we can hope for is “typical”.

Anyway – I hope you enjoy this collection.  More hopefully next week.

*I called my figure Decker from the film Bladerunner.  Decker (Harrison Ford) plays a ‘Bladerunner’ – a group of people assigned to find and retire Replicants (human looking androids).  It’s a great film, whether you watch the original or the Director’s Cut, but my reasoning for using the name Decker is because there is a theory that the character in the film is a replicant himself.  I quite liked the idea of playing with the fact that my model – obviously not a real person – will used with the intention of looking ‘normal’.


2017-03-10 08.56.51
Is it hometime yet?
2017-03-10 12.50.13
How do I take a selfie
2017-03-10 16.53.53
2017-03-11 08.15.44
Take the Comfy chair!
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The Art of the Brick: DC Super Heroes (all)

Nathan Sawaya is back in the UK with the latest tour of his Art of the Brick exhibition; this time the focus is on DC comic book super heroes.  The exhibition itself is in a marquee on what was a public car park – I mention this as when you get the tickets and it tells you where it is you might think that this is the nearest landmark.

I think Sawaya toured last year with the Art of the Brick – but if you haven’t seen his work before I think it is worth explaining what you’ll see.  Sawaya is an artist who uses Lego bricks as his medium. I mention this because when you get round to the gift shop, little Timmy will want the book and the box of very mini yellow – and you’ll wonder why you are paying way over the odds (in my opinion, a box of the size that mini yellow comes in should be about £10… not £40…. and £15 for the booklet.. sorry catalogue… was also a little jaw dropping).  If you want to buy DC superhero toys, my suggestion is to head to Forbidden Planet near Covent Garden and fill your boots there (but I should point out that I know about four other places about 20 minutes from Forbidden Planet that would also help satisfy the toy purchasing)  Anyway, back to the exhibition.

Unlike the last exhibition, this one is far more accessible for the people that have a mindset of “anything made from Lego = OK for kids”.  If you have half an idea of your superhero characters you will love this – I ended up taking over 200 pictures as I walked round.  I was also very, very fortunate that I went when there was almost no-one there; I reckon if it’s busy getting the “good” shot will be a challenge (although fortunately many of the exhibits are set out so there is only really one place to stand to get the best picture).  It took me about an hour to get round as I was able to take my time.  So below is a small collection of what I took.

I did take my mini-me along too – and in a couple of pictures I put him alongside for scale.   Enjoy!

2017-03-06 12.14.272017-03-06 12.15.312017-03-06 12.15.432017-03-06 12.16.242017-03-06 12.17.322017-03-06 12.22.442017-03-06 12.23.352017-03-06 12.23.482017-03-06 12.24.512017-03-06 12.27.232017-03-06 12.28.122017-03-06 12.30.162017-03-06 12.30.302017-03-06 12.32.432017-03-06 12.34.422017-03-06 12.38.302017-03-06 12.38.362017-03-06 12.38.522017-03-06 12.39.172017-03-06 12.39.252017-03-06 12.39.502017-03-06 12.41.082017-03-06 12.42.022017-03-06 12.42.532017-03-06 12.43.322017-03-06 12.43.432017-03-06 12.47.112017-03-06 12.49.392017-03-06 12.50.352017-03-06 12.50.452017-03-06 12.53.392017-03-06 12.53.462017-03-06 12.54.452017-03-06 12.57.462017-03-06 12.58.072017-03-06 12.58.182017-03-06 12.59.252017-03-06 13.00.182017-03-06 13.01.122017-03-06 13.02.072017-03-06 13.02.262017-03-06 13.02.352017-03-06 13.04.052017-03-06 13.05.412017-03-06 13.26.24


Oh, on an unrelated note, I found myself in John Lewis along Oxford Street later in the week; they have an excellent toy department and I loved their Lego Batman vehicle 🙂

2017-03-07 17.53.502017-03-07 17.55.07