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Vote for me! (Short Story: 1021 words)(all)

2017-06-08 17.11.24

Peter entered the burrow looking quite pleased with himself.

“I’ve decided that we should have an election!” he said. “I’ve got a rosette and everything! Vote for me!!”

Jessica looked at Peter.

“Firstly, that’s my rosette” she said. “secondly, what are we voting for?”

“What?” asked Peter. “You’re voting for me!  Vote for me!”

“No, you misunderstand” she replied “If we vote for you, what do we get?”

“More carrots!” said Peter happily.

2017-06-08 17.12.42

At this point, Colin entered the small room.  He listened for a little while, then spoke.

“Peter, it is good that you are taking an interest in these things, but there are a couple of problems with your approach.  First, you are the only person people can vote for – we need a choice.  Secondly, you can’t say that if we vote for you we’ll get something we will already have.”

“Unless”.. Peter added, “there was a plan to stop you from getting that.”

“Is there?” asked Jessica worriedly. “Are they going to ration carrots?”

“No” said Colin. “There is no plan. Peter is being silly.”

“Well that’s alright” said Jessica. “I like carrots.”

“So do I” said Peter. “That’s why if you vote for me I’ll make sure that there are more carrots!”

“That will do with the talk about carrots” said Colin. “It’s making me hungry.  I know, let’s have an election; Jessica, would you agree to be the other voting choice against Peter?”

2017-06-08 17.13.01

“Oh, I don’t know” said Jessica, “I’m not sure what I can offer.”

Colin thought for a moment, then said

“If you could, what would you like to see more of?”

“Well, I always find that I don’t have enough brightly coloured crayons for my pictures.  So I guess I could stand for that.”

“Excellent” encouraged Colin. “Now Peter, forgetting carrots for the moment, what would you like to see more of?”

Peter thought hard.  You could see he was thinking hard as he screwed up his face as you do when you think hard.  Then he said

“Paper.  I never have enough paper.  I always make mistakes when I’m drawing and have to start again.”

“Well that’s excellent” said Colin.  “Jessica, you are campaigning for people to vote for more coloured crayons and Peter you are campaigning for people to vote for more paper to draw on.  You go and get support for your campaigns and I’ll organise the voting part.  Oh and Peter; no talk about more carrots.”

Jessica and Peter ran off in different directions to start their campaigning.  Peter drew several posters saying “Vote for me”.  He only wanted to draw one, but he kept spelling things wrong and having to start again.  Colin also pointed out after the tenth attempt that he ought to also put his name on the poster so that people would know to vote for him and not Jessica… and that took another six tries.  Jessica only drew one poster, and in truth didn’t really finish it because… well, there weren’t enough colours.  Colin, spoke to Eldritch the elder bunny to be the official and make sure that the voting was conducted properly.

On the morning of the election, Colin explained to all the bunnies that they could only vote for either Jessica or Peter.  He gave Jessica and Peter a few moments to talk about why people should vote for them (with the warning that Peter was not to talk about carrots) and then declared the voting open.

As he walked away, Colin saw Millicent in the corner.

2017-06-08 17.13.22

“Hello Millicent” said Colin, “Are you going to vote?”

“I don’t know” said Millicent. “To be honest, I don’t really know which one to vote for.  I should vote for my friend Jessica, but I do make mistakes when I’m drawing, so I should vote for Peter.  It’s all very hard really.”

“Well” replied Colin. “It’s your vote and you should choose to vote for the person you think will help you most.  You don’t need to tell anyone who you voted for and  I don’t think you’re the only one that isn’t sure.”

Later that day, Colin said that the opportunity to vote had finished, and he and Eldritch counted the voting papers.  Once that was done, everyone gathered in the hall.  Eldritch stood up to address the warren.

2017-06-08 17.14.09

“This has been a very interesting affair” he said.  “I’m pleased to say that of the fourty five rabbits in the warren we received sixty two votes, so well done everyone.  There were only two voting papers that were marked spoiled; one had a carrot drawn on it…”

“That was me!” exclaimed Peter.  Everyone laughed.  Eldritch looked down at Peter and continued.

“….. and one had a half completed butterfly drawn across it.”

Eldritch then looked at Jessica, who looked back and smiled.

“So what was the final result?” asked Colin.

“So I counted 39 votes for Jessica…” started Eldritch.  Jessica smiled.

“… and 45 votes for Peter.  Peter wins!”

Colin looked carefully at Eldritch.  “Hang on” Colin said cautiously. “There are forty five rabbits in the warren and yet you got sixty two votes! Then, of the sixty votes, you counted 86 votes!”

Eldritch twitched his moustache.

“I guess I should have told you that my numbers aren’t very good” he said.  Colin smiled supportively.

“No, that’s fine Eldritch.  You helped me out and I’m thankful.  And as the official for this, you have the final vote… so Peter wins.”

Everybody clapped and cheered.

“Thank you everyone!” said Peter happily. “I would like to thank Jessica for running against me – and I too would like more crayons so I will look to make that happen.  In the meantime, carrots for everyone!”

everybody cheered again.

After, Colin approached Peter and asked, “so, where are you going to get the extra paper from?”

Peter pointed at the pile of paper in the corner of the room. “Over there” he said.

Colin looked quizzically at Peter. “But’s that’s where we get all the paper from now!” he exclaimed.  “Oh dear, you are going to be a good politician!”



Colin, Jessica and Millicent: Naughty Rabbits by

Eldritch and Peter: Labbits by Kidrobot.



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A week in creativity (all)

Hello everyone!

This week’s creative images first.

2017-05-15 08.07.52
15: begins with A: Alien
16: Street Art. Where I’m staying at the moment there’s no street art where I live – so I drew my own
2017-05-16 07.35.58
17: clouds
18: pastel. The 80’s introduced pastels into the men’s wardrobe, which was quite a bold statement
19: learn
2017-05-20 19.37.59
20: music: the Retro 80’s festival stage
2017-05-21 09.21.15
21: memories. I remember when Lego minifigures became articulated

And the rest of the creative processes for this week:

2017-05-14 15.13.332017-05-16 21.48.372017-05-0172017-05-18 07.29.10

Finally, I wanted to share these photographs of the Tokidoki XXRAY Freeny model we got:

See you next week!


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A week in creativity (all) (week ending 14.05)

Hello everyone!  It’s been quite an interesting week, with my focus (apparently) on monsters and things that go bump in the night!  One thing I feel I ought to point out is that quite often the images I post here are not quite the same as the ones that I have posted on Instagram.  Instagram formats images into square, and will quite often require a crop to the image which is either better in post production, or not needed at all.  I have tried in some cases to repeat it – but generally I’m posting the source image (i.e. the one that I took with my camera) rather than the one that I finally posted to Instagram / Facebook.

So, onto the images.  This week, I’ll split the images into drawing, then toy photography, then other.

2017-05-08 20.47.45
The Unisaurus – for day 8: Paint. I had a lot of fun with this, including the notes for the creature “probably fluffy”
2017-05-09 19.49.36
I came up with this image soon after drawing the Unisaurus. I can image someone telling a small child this…
2017-05-09 19.54.29
I’ll admit to being a little ambivalent about this one. It was for day 10: “I love” and as it was Wednesday I tried to link it to the hashtag “wheresyawienerwednesday” I like the way the shading came out but there’s probably an overload of pinks (to be fair I didn’t have any reds with me)
2017-05-10 21.10.46-1
Almost continuing a theme from the “monsters under the bed” and “eyes” was this drawing for day 11: eyes. It’s also interesting to see how a change of paper can affect the way the ink works
2017-05-10 21.10.59-1
So this is Day 12:wire. I was trying to go for “wireframe” drawing but somewhere along the way I started to add softer curves… and then I added a little colour.
2017-05-13 09.21.10
This was a fun little drawing that I did yesterday to go on the other blog.


2017-05-11 07.37.49-2
The new collectible Lego series contains a 1980’s guy – and I love the phone, so created this little throwback picture
2017-05-12 14.30.35
Yup, Scooby-Doo! I found the posable Captain Cutler’s ghost figure… Scooby is about 6 inches from the ghost and the camera is much closer to Scooby and reduces the height of the bad guy
2017-05-12 20.50.45
Just a quiet moment when the toys were talking amongst themselves
2017-05-12 20.51.21
“Do you often find yourself out of your depth?”
2017-05-13 08.17.21
This was for Day 13: Free choice. I thought the classic “Matrix” option of the Red/Blue pill would work here. What I like about this is the image has not been processed or filtered – the figure is standing against a white card, holding the two Lego studs. There is no additional lighting other than the natural light that comes into my room and yet those studs really stand out.
2017-05-13 08.22.15
Day 14: Quirky. I do like and create things that aren’t wholly “usual”, such as the BFF of the Cactus and the balloon (I have another with Sushi being stabbed by chopsticks). The two minifigures are equally fun and quirky, swapping normal heads for something else – and yet they still (sort of) work!
2017-05-07 17.39.34
I envy this guy’s fashion sense…
2017-05-09 06.55.56
I quite like challenges – but for day 9: stairs, all I could think was just stairs. At least I’ve hopefully picked an interesting angle.
2017-05-13 14.11.26
This is called “Hope and Renewal” and was created from the fire that albeit destroyed the Royal Clarence Hotel in Exeter last year. Some of these timbers date back to the 1500s (the hotel was one of the oldest in the country). The two images below show what is left (and isn’t fenced off) and a photograph taken at the time of the fire.
2017-05-13 14.15.41
As  a final image for the week, I have included this image as I think it reflects that if you want to have an interest in a creative hobby  – whether that is photography, drawing or writing – having at least some of your tools available to capture ideas (or images) is key.  As we left the Exeter Cathedral grounds, I was struck at how pretty this street was – and fortunately my phone is my “go to” camera so was able to capture this classic English street.


Have a great week everyone!

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A week in creativity (all)

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve all had a good week.  In the UK we had a public holiday on Monday, so my creativity was less on the photography / drawing and more about getting out and enjoying life.  But the drawing still happened 🙂

2017-05-01 10.22.29
1: Window. Raven looking out
2017-05-02 07.39.58
2: no filter. Sometimes people share things on Social Media that isn’t very social
2017-04-21 13.42.32
3: skyline: Not the image I used on Instagram, but a lovely view of the subject matter (Whitby) from another angle.
2017-05-04 20.57.22
4: inside my home: Sue’s new dressing table. Fortunately we have a skylight in the bedroom, otherwise it wouldn’t have fitted!
2017-05-05 16.26.00
5: on my (home) plate. Safe!
2017-05-06 07.25.32-1
6: nature.
2017-05-06 07.35.05
7: wish. Back in August 2014 I created Tynk, who has lived in her little house in my room ever since!


But as well as continuing the Photo A Day challenge, I did a little more too…

2017-05-03 23.58.002017-05-06 08.46.452017-05-02 22.01.30

2017-05-06 08.00.27
The “Elvis Enthusiast” is made by Citizen Brick
2017-05-01 09.09.25
My take on the film Bugsy Malone – possibly the most inventive children’s film ever!
2017-05-05 17.00.47
Busker: accepting requests and tips – and will accept contactless and ApplePay.
2017-05-06 08.53.20
“Nope, I’ve not seen Brad Majors, Space Ranger.  Sound like an awesome guy though.”


Have a great week everyone!

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The Butterfly girl (All) (457 words)

2017-05-02 22.04.52

The Lego Collectible Minifigures Series 17 has now landed in the UK and are starting to appear in the image streams of UK toy photographers. I took the opportunity to get mine through my usual custom part dealer – I admit that I did pay more for them than I would if I had got them blind bagged, but at the time of writing this they hadn’t made their way down to the West Country and I haven’t had the chance to get to the shops.  Anyway, in my haul I made sure that I had this little cute figure of the Butterfly Girl.

Regular readers of my blog will have noticed that I’ve started to embrace Kawaii in my drawing style – so having this character as an inspiration was just a done deal.

The butterfly wings are a translucent pink  and the printing on them is wonderful – they are a LEGO part of beauty 🙂 Normally, I really don’t like the “child” legs that LEGO have produced – they are too stiff and so don’t allow a mobility / flexibility / posability to the figure – but somehow these seem right, as if she’s wearing pink tights under those pink shoes that she’s got on (LEGO have at least added some printing to the front of the feet).  These go really well with the standard shape of the torso – that printing makes it look like she has a little dress on.

Going back to my love of Kawaii – how cute is the caterpillar/butterfly on her dress?  I’m going to have to draw that next!  Finally the touches on her hair and face complete this figure in all its cuteness.


Although I’ve posed the girl in front on an image that she and Eraser worked on jointly (I’ll show that in the weekly roundup!) as Spring and Summer are here I reckon that she will have to go out and be photographed in the Great Outdoors rather than in an indoor set up location (like say, 1980’s Yuppy Guy, or Strongman).  The lighting will work really well with those wings I reckon.


For me, the Series 17 is an interesting one – and probably one of LEGO’s best.  But not because all the figures are cool (that said, there are a few that I have more than one of, such as Rocket Boy and Retro Space Ranger) but because on every figure there is SOMETHING that will be of use to a toy photographer.  It may be the rabbit that comes with the vet, the mobile phone with the 1980’s guy or the leopard print pants of the Strongman (OK , maybe that one’s more for the grownups!)  but there will be something.


But until then, it’s time to take Butterfly Girl out to the park.

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A week in creativity (Bumper edition!)

Hi everyone!

So I didn’t get around to posting last week – I was away in Whitby, UK, for the April Whitby Goth Weekend.  The evenings were late and the days were busy – and I’ll have a blog about that on quite soon. Because it was such a fun weekend, the creativity levels this week were a little lower than usual (at least that’s what I thought), but I still managed the image a day challenge.

So enjoy!

2017-04-17 09.16.51
Eye Spy
2017-04-18 08.05.08
2017-04-19 08.04.05
Retro. It was also #wheresyawienerwednesday
2017-04-19 08.14.07
I sat here
2017-04-19 15.02.57
2017-04-19 15.26.16
2017-04-22 19.41.38
Good Together. Not the original image I used on Instagram, but I prefer this one!
2017-04-24 07.52.27
2017-04-24 23.10.17
Black and White
2017-04-25 21.23.42
Rectangle. It is in there!
2017-04-27 00.57.44
Smooth. As in “You’ve been struck by a smooth criminal”
2017-04-28 08.42.58
Get in the Photo – when the other cat wants in
2017-04-29 08.22.48
Transport: Taking crackers to the man in the moon (because the moon is made of cheese)
2017-04-30 07.31.48
Makes me happy – being able to share this with you 🙂

As well as those pictures, I did take a few more.  The image for “rough” got finished, for example:

2017-04-19 15.02.39
a bit more wok on the drawing for “Rough”
2017-04-19 15.24.51
2017-04-19 21.41.08
I got these glow-in-the-dark earth spirit figures – and boy do they glow! Night shot with Samsung S7 – no filters, or edits
2017-04-19 21.42.07
I have a cardboard solar house that glows – came out well
2017-04-24 17.37.09
Nelson’s Column and a Landseer lion
2017-04-28 09.24.30
“Some call me a Space Cowboy / Some call me the gangster of love”
2017-04-28 21.24.51
2017-04-28 21.25.33
Just stopping here
2017-04-29 09.08.25
“I’d like to sing you a country song; I call it The Day My Dog Ran Off With My Favourite Truck”

The guitar was a a build based on an image I had seen on Instagram; if you know your LEGO parts you’ll notice that the construction has something interesting about it!


Anyways, that’s all for this week – have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week!


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Tell me a story, he said (short Story: 1058 words)(PG)

It was a day like every other for Damian. Making coffee for the masses, putting little patterns in the foam – and taking special effort for those that would appreciate it (or because they looked cute).  And like every other day, when he got those first twenty minutes to have a break, he would reach into his back pocket, pull out his Tarot cards, shuffle them, take a deep breath and say…

“Tell me a story”.

The Cracked Tower.


“Can I borrow your jacket?” asked Tamsin.  “Gregory’s going to walk me home because we can’t drive like this and it’s freezing out!”

“Sure” replied Mary, “I’ll get a lift from Stacey when she goes; she’s not drinking tonight.”  Mary handed over the coat.

“I’ll get it back to you tomorrow” said Tamsin.

“No rush” said Mary, “I won’t need it until next weekend anyway.”


A couple of days later, Stacey phoned Mary.

“HOW COULD YOU???” she screamed at her.

“How could I what?” asked Mary.

“Of all the people – my best friend! I knew that Gregory was a lying toad, but you… I trusted you!”

“What are you talking about?”

“Oh, OK, let’s play that game then.  Just tidied my house, and found YOUR COAT down the back of our bed on GREGORY’S SIDE!  I can’t believe it… you…”  the line went dead.

Mary felt a shiver of cold run through her.  Gregory and Stacey’s place was on the way home from the club and they would have had to pass by it to get to Tamsin’s… Mary tried to phone back, but it went straight to voicemail.  Immediately she called Tamsin.

“Where’s my coat?” asked Mary.

“Mine, somewhere” replied Tamsin.

“Only I need it sort of now…. there’s a receipt in the pocket that I need to be able to claim my expenses.  I’ll come over and pick it up if that’s OK – I’ve looked everywhere and it’s the only other place I can think it is.”

“Sure, OK, I’ll see you in five.”  Tamsin waited until it was clear that the line had been disconnected.  “You better get out of here quick” she said to Gregory.


Damian looked at the card.  The Cracked Tower.  What could it mean?  Perhaps the next card would offer something to the tale.  He pulled the second card and turned it over.

The Ten of Swords.


Mary was there in four minutes.  Actually she was there in three – plenty of time to see Gregory leave her place.  She walked up and knocked on the door.  Tamsin answered, looking a little flush.

“Wow! You were here quick! I … I haven’t had chance to look yet.”

“Don’t bother” said Mary. “I know where it is… you left it at Gregory’s place when he walked you home.  I just wanted to look you straight in the eye to tell you that.  Now, with all the calm I can possibly muster, I want to say two more things to you.  One: I just hope you have the balls to tell Stacey because it’s clear Gregory doesn’t. Two: Leave me the hell alone – forever.”

With that, Mary walked back to her car.  She got in, sat down and the adrenaline left her body – to be replaced with great heaves of tears.  Two friendships. Done and ended, all in the space of 15 minutes.

When she gathered herself, she drove to the coffee shop.  Perhaps Damian could make her a Latte.


Damian looked at his watch.  He had enough time to pull a card and perhaps grab a quick cigarette.  His expresso would have cooled enough to drink as a straight shot then.  The third card was almost expected.



Mary walked into the coffee shop.  Damian had returned and that made her feel a little better.  He shot the expresso with an almost guilty smile before smiling and saying to Mary, “You look like you need something stronger than a coffee.”

Mary smiled.  “Would be nice – but it’s a bit early in the day.  Skinny Latte please.”

With practiced fingers, Damian made the drink.  As he created the leaf pattern he said to Mary, “You know, baristas are like the day time bar tender.  You can tell us anything and it stays here.”  He smiled, a genuine warm smile and for a moment Mary forgot herself and smiled back.  “I may have to take you up on that… when it gets a little quiet here.”

Mary picked up her drink, turned and her eyes immediately latched onto Stacey’s. Stacey’s eyes widened, then a blaze of fury shot across her.  With her hands full of latte glass and saucer, Mary did the only thing she could – she dropped the whole thing.

“No Stacey – please – no – it wasn’t me!  Please!!”

The clatter of saucer, cup, glass brought Damian out in an instance.

“What’s happening?” he asked.  Before Stacey could say anything, or go, Mary exclaimed

“My friend was cheated on by someone – not me – but it looks like it is me, but it isn’t!!!”

Damian looked up – straight at Stacey.  “Is this your friend?” he asked.
“Yes” said Mary.

“NO.” said Stacey.

Damian stood up.  “Look, I’ve got enough to clear up here, but why don’t you sit there – and you sit there.  Give me a couple of moments – Hey Bill, can you clean this up – I’m going to see if I can hang on to two customers over here.”

Damian sat down with Stacey and Mary. Mary didn’t need prompting to help her – she immediately opened up and whilst Damian needed to get Stacey to listen, soon enough she was listening.  Damian went away and made up two more Skinny Lattes, complete with a heart in the foam, and brought it back to the table.

Stacey told Mary that she had suspected Gregory for a while, and had an idea that it was someone in their circle of friends.  She admitted that she had thought it was Mary because she got on so well with Gregory – Mary said that he’d made her laugh a couple of times, but he really wasn’t her type.   Damian sat and listened until he politely said “I think I need to go and help Bill.”


As Damian walked back to the coffee machine, the three cards he’d drawn from his Tarot deck were drawn back into his mind.  The whole story in three cards.