What’s with the Lego and toys?

It’s a question that I do keep getting asked – which I don’t mind as it means people have been looking at the site (and having a small ego.. it feels great)

I started to take pictures so I could demonstrate Scouting lessons (finding North, setting out a campsite, etc) but then my mind started to think of “fun” things I could illustrate with the Lego characters. This has worked quite well and I know there are more lessons I can use the figures to demonstrate things (and it’s quite interesting building the scenes)

Then, I found Lego Minifigures.  I could buy single “people” – and that was the next step; get a new figure, think of an amusing scenario, take picture.

Then I started to get more specific – buying specific pieces to build the “mini me”.

I started to note that some pictures were more suitable than others for cards… so that got me thinking.

The final step was as I started to get into writing the next story, I started to think I could illustrate the book with pictures of Lego characters. So that introduced the next step – and yup, a collection of images will no doubt come from that too.

More recently, I have found that there is a whole world of “Designer Vinyl” toys, which are sometimes considered “low art” because of their accessibility and “pop” styling.  And they can be as much fun to photograph as the Lego minifigures.

Hopefully, this has given you a background why a 40-(cough) person is playing with Lego. Still.


As a legal note: The photos taken using LEGO bricks and LEGO minifigure characters are without any endorsement from LEGO and the LEGO group.  LEGO is a trademark of the LEGO group of companies.


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