Scout Law in Lego

Some time back, I decided to use my creative skills to show the seven Scout Laws in pictoral form (to be clear, this is the UK Scout Association’s Scout Laws as at 2000).  This page displays those images, plus a little behind the thinking to arrive at the image.  Rather than upload a smaller version of the image as I have for all the other images on the blog, I have uploaded the full size image so it can be reused if required in training.  If you do decide to reuse these images on your website, please put a little note to say where you got them from.

The builds themselves

I deliberately decided to work on using a relatively small baseplate to base the build – many are on an 8×8 plate, but a couple extend up to 10×10 and 12×12.  By using a small base it meant that everything had to be reduced and consolidated into a very simple result – providing the challenge of finding something very small to explain something quite big!

1.  A Scout is to be trusted.

law 1

So here we have a typical camping scene – and we should be able to trust the Scouts to put up the tent without constant supervision!

2. A Scout is Loyal

law 2

This was a challenging little build – but I decided to use the analogy of supporting a team.  Here we can see that our main character supports one team, even though everyone around him supports another.


3.  A Scout is friendly and considerate

law 3

What could be more friendly and considerate than a Scout helping an old person across the street?

4. A Scout belongs to the World wide family of Scouts

law 4

Here we can see the Scout Leader pointing out the various corners of the world and how Scouting might be active all around the world.  Again, the flags in the background re-iterate the global nature of Scouting.  I decided to make use of the “Lego” flag as the first one to again denote that this is a global thing and not tied to any one particular country.

5.  A Scout has courage in all difficulties

law 5

In this little scene we can see our Scout climbing on a training wall (hence the yellow pads).  I decided to go “small scale” on the difficulty – we can see that the Leader could easily hop up to help our Scout – the point being that we all have our own personal thresholds for what constitutes a difficulty, so this might be a huge achievement for the Scout…

6. A Scout makes good use of his time and is careful of possessions and property

law 6

A typical child’s bedroom (cough 🙂 ) Here we can see that he’s working on something (homework perhaps, or the next novel) and not playing with the toys that are behind him, or being distracted by the TV.  All the books are neatly stacked on the shelf and everything is in its right place.  Of course, it could be argued that the TV should be switched off…

7.  A Scout has self-respect and respect for others

Law 7

Like the second Scout Law, trying to encapsulate this into an image that focused just on this one law was a challenge – and to be honest, this could easily incorporate many of the other laws. Our person on the left has had personal issues that has led to a lack of self-respect, and yet the Scout is talking to him, possibly checking that he’s OK.  It would be easier perhaps to show our Scout doing something like exercise, or eating well, but self-respect and respect for others is much wider than just a good diet and healthy living.


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