Novels – books! (and Free ones!)

FREE BOOKS for download and enjoyment!

The 2012 collection of the Masters of Nothing: Masters of NOTHING 2012

The 2013 Christmas adventure: The Christmas Brussel Caper



The “Temple of Red Bricks” is available through Amazon for the Kindle (UK customers:

It’s a fast paced adventure story with our hero front and centre in the excitement!

“The Frog’s Pad Collection” is available for download FOR FREE from Click HERE ( to go get it – it includes the first chapters for the two stories – The Floods of London and The Navigation Watch.


The Ventnor Club, London

Commander Franklin relaxed back into his black leather armchair, angled at precisely the correct direction to enable him to have a perfect view of the entrance to the smoking room and yet capture the warmth from the open fireplace. His favourite drink (40 year old Tobermory whisky, with a small splash of Highland water) had been poured and sat to his right hand in his cut-crystal glass. He drew on his pipe and allowed the cherry smoke to linger on his palate before he gently breathed it out into the club room. It had been a long day, but a successful one as Lady Millicent had once more been caught and captured and was at this moment sitting in the holding cell of Scotland Yard. The Commander felt some pride at the capture of this most elusive of modern-day pirates and he was sure that the report that he had given to the news reported would appear somewhere on the front page of the London Gazette tomorrow morning.

There was a polite cough behind him and he turned to the right to see a waiter holding a silver tray. Upon the tray was a folded card, with the handwritten words “For the attention of Commander Franklin” drawn upon it. Franklin took the card and politely thanked the waiter. He then opened the card.

Lady Millicent has escaped.

And so the adventure begins once more for our hero as he deals with the elusive Lady Millicent and far larger evil minds set on World Domination; their starting position targetting London.

A faced-paced story written for the adventurous reader.

Available as a printed book, as a PDF download AND available for Kinde to be enjoyed.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Click here for the Kindle version


A second adventure awaits the Black Crane, LAdy Millicent and our other colleages as we do battle.  This adventure starts with the presentation of a most unusual object – the Navigation Watch.

Available as a printed book, a PDF download or available for the Kindle.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Click here for the Kindle Version


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