Carrotunalia! (all) (694 words)

Roger came running into the room.  He looked around then ran up to Jessica and Millicent. “Do you know what today is?” he asked.

Millicent knew what every day was. Today was Sunday. But this seemed like a trick question. “No Roger, what day is it?”

“It’s Carrotunalia Eve!”

Jessica looked at Roger. “It’s what? there’s no such thing – the big rabbits have been teasing you again, like they did when they told you it was Paint Your Head Green day and you looked like a furry brussel sprout for two weeks because you bought a permanent colour!”

Roger looked a little disheartened.  “But it seemed like such a brilliant day” he said.  “It’s the day that we give the gift of a carrot to someone that we felt deserved it.  I thought we could give Colin a carrot to say thank you.”

2017-11-26 07.39.19

Jessica felt a little bad for Roger.  Even if it was a made-up day, Roger’s idea of giving a thank you present to Colin was a lovely one – and one that she wanted to support.  She looked at Millicent, then at Roger, and said

“Oh, Carotunalia Day! It had slipped my mind!  Of course, and yes, Colin would be a wonderful person to give the present to. Do you have the carrot and any wrapping paper?”

Millicent went to spoke. “Carrotunalia Day isn’t….” but Jessica cut across her “… isn’t often celebrated here, so it will be nice to do this; that’s what you were going to say, wasn’t it Jessica?  Now Roger, go and get the paper, carrot and tape and we can wrap the present.”

With a happy skip, Roger ran off.  Jessica explained to Millicent that she didn’t think it was a real day either, but for once this would be a nice thing that Roger was unlikely to be told off for.

Shortly, Roger returned and they set everything up.

2017-11-26 07.41.03

Millicent looked at the paper – and the carrot.  She wondered how they would wrap it – without thumbs it all looked very difficult.  As usual, Roger wasn’t deterred by such challenges.  “I can do it” he said.  He set to with his usual enthusiasm and soon the carrot was … well…

2017-11-26 07.43.16

“Oh dear” said Millicent, “Well the carrot is certainly well wrapped up”.

“So is Roger” said Jessica.

“MMMm-mm mm-mmm” said Roger, who had tape across his face.

“It’s going to hurt a bit” said Jessica “but we do need to take that bit off you.”

“But he’ll be able to talk again” said Millicent. “Do we have to?”

“As I said, it’s going to hurt a bit… for us and him” teased Jessica.

“Mmm mmmm mmm OWWWW!!” cried Roger. “I’m sure that’s taken whiskers off too!”


Colin walked into the room. “What are you children doing?” he asked.  “What’s that… and why is Roger… OK, I don’t need to know that and it’s probably best that I don’t!”.

“HAPPY CARROTUNALIA DAY!!” exclaimed Roger.

“Umm, isn’t that tomorrow?” asked Millicent. Jessica shrugged.  If it was a made up day, then it was a real one now.

“Carrotunalia Day?” asked Colin. “Don’t think I’ve heard of that one!”.  Roger explained the day and what it meant – and why they were giving the gift to Colin.

2017-11-26 07.43.54

Colin thought for a moment.  “Well, I think it’s a lovely day – and do you know what, I DO remember the older rabbits telling me about it once. I don’t think it is fixed to any particular date or time, so today can be Carrotunalia day!”

“Hurrah!” exclaimed Roger.  “Here’s your present!”

“Not sure how you’ll open it though” added Millicent.

Colin looked at the package.  “Actually, it’s quite simple” he said.  “If I unfold here…” The parcel unwrapped itself with no unsticking at all.  “Roger got so much tape on himself that he didn’t actually stick the tape to anything but itself!”

2017-11-26 07.44.49

Colin looked at the Carrot.  “It’s a lovely carrot though” he said “thank you all of you for this present.”  Everyone smiled.  “But”, Colin added, “I came down here for a particular reason.  I was going to ask why there was a large hole in the wallpaper in the living room…”


The End.


Vote for me! (Short Story: 1021 words)(all)

2017-06-08 17.11.24

Peter entered the burrow looking quite pleased with himself.

“I’ve decided that we should have an election!” he said. “I’ve got a rosette and everything! Vote for me!!”

Jessica looked at Peter.

“Firstly, that’s my rosette” she said. “secondly, what are we voting for?”

“What?” asked Peter. “You’re voting for me!  Vote for me!”

“No, you misunderstand” she replied “If we vote for you, what do we get?”

“More carrots!” said Peter happily.

2017-06-08 17.12.42

At this point, Colin entered the small room.  He listened for a little while, then spoke.

“Peter, it is good that you are taking an interest in these things, but there are a couple of problems with your approach.  First, you are the only person people can vote for – we need a choice.  Secondly, you can’t say that if we vote for you we’ll get something we will already have.”

“Unless”.. Peter added, “there was a plan to stop you from getting that.”

“Is there?” asked Jessica worriedly. “Are they going to ration carrots?”

“No” said Colin. “There is no plan. Peter is being silly.”

“Well that’s alright” said Jessica. “I like carrots.”

“So do I” said Peter. “That’s why if you vote for me I’ll make sure that there are more carrots!”

“That will do with the talk about carrots” said Colin. “It’s making me hungry.  I know, let’s have an election; Jessica, would you agree to be the other voting choice against Peter?”

2017-06-08 17.13.01

“Oh, I don’t know” said Jessica, “I’m not sure what I can offer.”

Colin thought for a moment, then said

“If you could, what would you like to see more of?”

“Well, I always find that I don’t have enough brightly coloured crayons for my pictures.  So I guess I could stand for that.”

“Excellent” encouraged Colin. “Now Peter, forgetting carrots for the moment, what would you like to see more of?”

Peter thought hard.  You could see he was thinking hard as he screwed up his face as you do when you think hard.  Then he said

“Paper.  I never have enough paper.  I always make mistakes when I’m drawing and have to start again.”

“Well that’s excellent” said Colin.  “Jessica, you are campaigning for people to vote for more coloured crayons and Peter you are campaigning for people to vote for more paper to draw on.  You go and get support for your campaigns and I’ll organise the voting part.  Oh and Peter; no talk about more carrots.”

Jessica and Peter ran off in different directions to start their campaigning.  Peter drew several posters saying “Vote for me”.  He only wanted to draw one, but he kept spelling things wrong and having to start again.  Colin also pointed out after the tenth attempt that he ought to also put his name on the poster so that people would know to vote for him and not Jessica… and that took another six tries.  Jessica only drew one poster, and in truth didn’t really finish it because… well, there weren’t enough colours.  Colin, spoke to Eldritch the elder bunny to be the official and make sure that the voting was conducted properly.

On the morning of the election, Colin explained to all the bunnies that they could only vote for either Jessica or Peter.  He gave Jessica and Peter a few moments to talk about why people should vote for them (with the warning that Peter was not to talk about carrots) and then declared the voting open.

As he walked away, Colin saw Millicent in the corner.

2017-06-08 17.13.22

“Hello Millicent” said Colin, “Are you going to vote?”

“I don’t know” said Millicent. “To be honest, I don’t really know which one to vote for.  I should vote for my friend Jessica, but I do make mistakes when I’m drawing, so I should vote for Peter.  It’s all very hard really.”

“Well” replied Colin. “It’s your vote and you should choose to vote for the person you think will help you most.  You don’t need to tell anyone who you voted for and  I don’t think you’re the only one that isn’t sure.”

Later that day, Colin said that the opportunity to vote had finished, and he and Eldritch counted the voting papers.  Once that was done, everyone gathered in the hall.  Eldritch stood up to address the warren.

2017-06-08 17.14.09

“This has been a very interesting affair” he said.  “I’m pleased to say that of the fourty five rabbits in the warren we received sixty two votes, so well done everyone.  There were only two voting papers that were marked spoiled; one had a carrot drawn on it…”

“That was me!” exclaimed Peter.  Everyone laughed.  Eldritch looked down at Peter and continued.

“….. and one had a half completed butterfly drawn across it.”

Eldritch then looked at Jessica, who looked back and smiled.

“So what was the final result?” asked Colin.

“So I counted 39 votes for Jessica…” started Eldritch.  Jessica smiled.

“… and 45 votes for Peter.  Peter wins!”

Colin looked carefully at Eldritch.  “Hang on” Colin said cautiously. “There are forty five rabbits in the warren and yet you got sixty two votes! Then, of the sixty votes, you counted 86 votes!”

Eldritch twitched his moustache.

“I guess I should have told you that my numbers aren’t very good” he said.  Colin smiled supportively.

“No, that’s fine Eldritch.  You helped me out and I’m thankful.  And as the official for this, you have the final vote… so Peter wins.”

Everybody clapped and cheered.

“Thank you everyone!” said Peter happily. “I would like to thank Jessica for running against me – and I too would like more crayons so I will look to make that happen.  In the meantime, carrots for everyone!”

everybody cheered again.

After, Colin approached Peter and asked, “so, where are you going to get the extra paper from?”

Peter pointed at the pile of paper in the corner of the room. “Over there” he said.

Colin looked quizzically at Peter. “But’s that’s where we get all the paper from now!” he exclaimed.  “Oh dear, you are going to be a good politician!”



Colin, Jessica and Millicent: Naughty Rabbits by

Eldritch and Peter: Labbits by Kidrobot.



The Vase (a short story: 983 words)(all)

2016-08-09 21.42.35

“You had better watch out” said Jessica. “Something or someone will get hurt.”

But Roger and Tom weren’t listening.  They were playing with the ball in the hall of the burrow, kicking it to and fro – and every so often sideways.  On more than one occasion the ball would head off and bounce off Jessica’s head.  Luckily she wasn’t drawing otherwise she would have been really angry with the two of them.

2016-08-09 21.46.27

“It’s OK” said Roger, “the ball is soft and bouncy… see!” and with that he gave it a really hard kick towards Tom.  Only instead of heading towards Tom it went off with a curve and bounced off the vase that was sitting on the shelf.

“Uh oh” said Roger.

“Uh oh” said Tom.

Roger and Tom stood there, watching the vase rock back and forth.  The sudden quiet was too much for Jessica and she turned round to see what wasn’t happening – and saw the vase.

“Oh No!!” she cried out.

The vase wobbled just a little more then fell off the shelf and landed on the floor.


2016-08-09 21.53.41

Before the last of the shards of the vase had settled Tom said “Bye!” and scampered off as fast as he could. Jessica and Roger look at the pot – and then at each other.

“What are we going to do?” asked Roger.

“We?” replied Jessica, “You broke it!”

“I know” said Roger, “But I don’t know what to do next.”

Jessica thought for a moment then said to Roger “go and get some glue.”

“Yes that will fix it – I’ll glue the bits back together!”

He scampered away as fast as he could.  Whilst he got the glue, Jessica carefully gathered up all the parts of the pot. Roger returned and as best as he could muster he stuck the pot back together again.  They put it on the shelf.

“Good as new” said Roger.

2016-08-09 21.48.42

Jessica didn’t know what to say. There were bits of the pot in places that they never used to be, both on the pot and on Roger – and bits of his fur were all over everything.  It didn’t help that he’d managed to stick the glue cap on the vase and leave a puddle of glue on the floor either.

Whilst they stood there, Colin entered the room.  He saw the two of them looking at the shelf and without looking at the vase said,

“You know that vase belongs to the Elder Rabbit.  He’s had it for years – it was his fathers and his father’s before him.  It’s irreplaceable you know…”

Colin then realised that the two rabbits weren’t just looking at the vase – they were staring at it, their eyes big and slowly Colin’s eyes scanned to what it was they were… oh no!

“What have you done?” Colin exclaimed.

Jessica couldn’t help herself.  She tried to say quiet, but it wasn’t in her nature.

“RogerandTomwhereplayingwiththeballandithitthevasewetriedtofixitbutweweren’tverygoodwereweit’srubbishIknowwe’resosorry” she blurted before following it with tears that would almost flood the hallway.

“Don’t cry” said Colin, looking at the vase, “We can fix it. But it’s certainly an interesting variation” he added.

Colin carefully picked up the vase and told the two rabbits that he would fix it – but they would need to clear away all the mess that was all around the floor.  He looked at Roger, with bits of pot sticking to his fur and realised that he would need cleaning down too. Jessica, pleased that Colin was coming to their help, offered to clear up the mess.

“After all” she said “Roger would probably end up wearing more of it.”

Roger smiled a little.  He owed Jessica for this help – and so did Tom.

Colin cleaned Roger down – if only to make sure that he had all the parts of the vase.  He then carefully unglued all the shards and cleaned them down whilst Roger watched carefully.  Then he carefully glued them all back in the right place.  Finally, the vase was ready.

Roger and Jessica watched as Colin carefully put the vase back on the shelf.  They didn’t hear the Elder Rabbit enter the room.

2016-08-09 21.47.51

“Are you cleaning the vase again, Colin?” asked the Elder Rabbit.  “I remember you telling me the vase needed a clean when you knocked it off the shelf when you were a small bunny.”

Jessica and Roger looked at Colin.

“I never said it hadn’t happened before.” He said.

“Mind you” added the Elder Rabbit, “At least you didn’t have to buy a new one like I did when I broke it.  I tried to glue it back together, but I couldn’t get all the bits to fit in the right order.”

He peered closely at the vase.

“That’s a very neat repair” he added, “Remembering how well Colin repaired it last time, I reckon this was done by you Jessica – well done.”

Jessica looked at Colin – who just winked.

“Thank you” said Jessica.

The Elder Rabbit walked off. Once out  of site, Colin added

“Actually, this is the seventh vase that I know of. You should have just told me when it got broken – we’ve got a stack of replacement vases out back.”

“So why did we have to repair it?” asked Roger.

“Because” smiled Colin, “How else would you remember not to play with the ball in the hallway?  Besides, what would you have done if there were no extra vases?”

Roger looked down.  “I’m sorry” he said.

“Roger, you need to thank Jessica for helping you.  While you do that, I’m going to find Tom – I’ve got a huge stack of plates that will need scrubbing clean for him to do.  He really should not have run off.”

Once Colin had left the room, Roger looked at Jessica. Before he could say anything she said,

“I know you’re sorry, but I’ll think of something I’ll need you to do.  But it won’t be gluing anything.”



The Puzzle (all)(short story: 455 words)

2016-07-30 08.24.33

“I don’t understand it” said Jessica. “Why would you want to do that?”

“It’s a puzzle” replied Colin. “Look, let me get some props.”

It was early morning and Colin was attempting to teach Jessica and Roger a logic puzzle. He rummaged around and pulled out an apple and a carrot.

2016-07-30 08.00.36

“So you have a boat and it can only carry two things at once. You have Roger, who’s hungry, an apple and a carrot.”

“I like the sound of this still” replied Roger. “And now I can see the goodies too!”

“Shh Roger” said Colin. “You can also be in the boat and you need to get all three things across the lake.  Every trip you make must have at least one of the things in the boat with you. How do you do it without Roger eating the apple or the carrot?”

Jessica looked at Colin, at Roger, at the carrot and then back at Colin.

“I don’t know!” she said. “This is hard!!”

“We could go down the lake and try this for real” said Roger. “I know there’s a boat down there – and it is a nice day.  We could even have the apple and carrot for lunch!”

Colin thought that was a lovely idea, so they set off.

2016-07-30 08.05.23

“Oh dear” said Jessica. “I don’t know how to swim and I’m worried I’ll fall out of the boat”.

“No matter” replied Colin “you can wear this and it will help you float; I’ll also teach you how to swim later in the year.”

2016-07-30 08.07.09

“So” said Colin “to the matter in hand.  How will you get the carrot, apple and Roger across the lake?”

Roger looked at the carrot.  It had been ages since breakfast.  He was hungry and looking at Jessica who was thinking hard he worried it would be ages until lunch as well.  What to do…

“ROGER!!” cried Colin.  But it was too late.  In one swift gulp, the carrot was gone.  Yum!

2016-07-30 08.06.44

“Well I can solve the problem now” said Jessica.  “I put Roger and the apple in the boat and we go across!”

“Not the answer I was looking for” replied Colin, “but it would seem Roger has helped you out.  For that, you can have the apple.  Roger – you get to wash up the dinner plates for a week!”

“But we solved the problem though” said Roger. “That must count for something!”


So how would you solve the puzzle?  I’ve put the answer below….










First, Colin rows across the lake with Roger and the apple.

2016-07-30 08.09.35

Colin then rows back with just the apple (Roger is now on the other side)

2016-07-30 08.09.55

Finally, Colin rows back with the apple and the carrot.  Everybody is now across the lake!2016-07-30 08.10.27



The Party (all) (Short story: 672 words)

2016-07-16 08.32.37

Jessica watched Colin as he moved the second large box into the main room of the burrow.  There were lots of cables going everywhere and it all seemed to be quite heavy.

2016-07-16 07.22.37

“What’s that?” asked Jessica.

“It’s a record player” replied Colin. “Do you like it?”

“What does it do?” asked Jessica.

“Plays records” replied Colin.  He looked at Jessica who still had a very blank look on her face. He produced a record, a flat plastic disk. “This is a record” he explained “and this plays it.”

“How?” Jessica asked.

Colin smiled.  He carefully put the record on the player, moved the arm and needle onto the disk and the music filled the room.  Jessica was dumb founded.

2016-07-16 07.23.10

“Oh Gosh!” she cried. “I know it’s coming from there, but it sounds like it’s coming from over there… and from over there and there too!”

“Yes” replied Colin, “the music is coming from these two speakers and the sound is bouncing off the walls, so it sounds like it’s all around us. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?!”

Jessica and Colin stood there until the record finished.

“Do you have any more?” asked Jessica.

“Actually, I have a few – and some are a little more lively than that! Let’s get the others, we could have a party!”

Jessica scampered off to tell all in the burrow at a speed that impressed Colin.  He hoped that he could get enough party food together, so he headed off to the kitchen to start getting the drinks and food ready.

Soon the main room of the burrow was filled.  In one corner were the drinks and nibbles and in the other….

“Colin has an amazing gadget called a Record Player” explained Jessica.  “It makes music come out of the walls!!!”

“Oooooh!” exclaimed all the rabbits.

On that introduction, Colin picked out a record, set it up and it started to play.  Everyone just stood there, amazed as the sound filled the burrow.  It sounded like it came from everywhere at once!  When the record finished, all the rabbits wanted to hear another…

And as each record ended, Colin put another record on – each faster in tempo and beat than the previous.  Eventually, the rabbits started to tap their feet, sway with the music before they got the idea and started to dance in time to the music.

2016-07-16 07.25.19

“I know” said Roger, “It’s all very good, but it could be much better if it was louder!”  He looked at the player and twiddled the dial marked Volume and everything got much louder.  It was as if the walls started to move as the beat thud, thud, thudded from them.

2016-07-16 07.27.38

“Uh Oh” said Jessica, as she felt something land on her shoulder.

Uh Oh was right.  The ceiling started to shudder, before it went KERRASH! and fell to the ground.  But it wasn’t just mud and sticks – there was something else too.

“My carrots!!!” shouted Roger. “MY CARROTS!!!”

2016-07-16 07.33.11

Well the place was upside down in an instant. Rabbits came from every which way – even from the burrows next door – each with the intention of getting their paws on some of the carrot yummi-ness that now littered the floor.  Roger did his best, but it was no good… it was now for everyone.  His friend Peter was especially keen in getting and eating as many as he could.

“Oh well” said Roger, “I was saving these for a special occasion – or for a few special occasions – but it would seem that now is one of those times.”

“Well that’s very generous of you” said Colin. “After all, you wouldn’t have been able to keep them all after you’d shown them off to everyone.  But now we will need to fix the ceiling to this room.  Everyone that’s here will help – after all, you’ve all had some of Roger’s carrots.”

“That’s fine” said Peter, laying on the floor “but I won’t be able to do a thing for a few minutes.  I may have eaten one too many of the carrots.”

2016-07-16 07.35.09


The Best Picture in the Burrow (Short Story: 663 words)(all)

2016-07-02 07.32.32

“It’s quite dark in here” said Jessica. “Even when the sun is high up, the tunnel from the entrance is always dark.  I know that Rory isn’t a scary monster, but I’m still scared and  worry until I’m in one of the rooms.”

“What do you suggest then?” asked Colin.

“Well, we could put mirrors in the hall, that would reflect the light.”

“True” replied Colin, “but remember that some of the older rabbits have trouble with their eyesight – they might think it’s a way out!”

They sat there for a moment, picturing old rabbits running straight into mirrors.  They’d probably apologise to themselves in the mirrors too.  Then Colin held up a paw.

“What about a painting competition? We could hang the pictures in frames so the older rabbits wouldn’t get confused, and if the paintings are bright enough they will reflect some light – it will make the hallway look nice too!”

Jessica thought that was a brilliant idea and scampered off down to see Roger, where she told him about the competition.  Roger also thought it was a great idea.

2016-07-02 07.33.22

“Can I take part too?” asked Rory the Monster.  Roger quickly responded,

“Let’s make it Rory and me and you and….?”

“Fiona – my friend from the other burrow!”

So Jessica, Rory and Roger went back to Colin and they agreed the competition. Colin made the frames for the rabbits and handed them over along with paints and paper.  Jessica and Fiona then set to.

2016-07-02 07.34.04

Roger and Rory however, had a different plan.  They hung a large sheet on the wall and fixed a sign that said “Keep Out. Secrt” on it.

2016-07-02 07.34.27

“It’s supposed to say ‘Secret’ ” explained Roger to Rory. “But I ran out of space.”

“Don’t worry” replied Rory. “I’ll use my Monster Powers to listen out for anyone coming.”

For the next day, the three bunnies and Rory worked hard until it was finally time for unveiling. Roger suggested that Jessica and Fiona went first – so he knew what he would have to beat.

Jessica took the small sheet off her picture.

2016-07-02 07.35.47

“It’s my view of the world – I thought it would work like a window frame.  See, we even included a small spider!”

Colin looked very carefully at the picture.

“It is lovely Jessica and Fiona.  You worked very hard on this and I like the results.  In fact, I think we will keep this picture on the wall as it is – if that’s okay with you Fiona; I know that you live in the other burrow.”

Before Fiona could speak, Jessica interrupted, saying

“Actually, we made two – so there’s another one hanging up in their burrow as well!”

Fiona nodded and Colin smiled.

“That’s good use of time” he said “and it’s good to know that we’ve helped elsewhere.  Well done, you too.  Now, let’s see Roger and Rory’s picture.”

The two unveiled their picture.  Everyone was astounded.  Roger spoke.

“It’s the view outside.”

“I can see that” said Colin.  “It’s very good – very realistic.  And you did this?”

“Yes, we both worked hard at it.”

“It’s very detailed – I didn’t realise you were such an artist!”

2016-07-02 07.36.56 - Copy - Copy

Jessica walked away with Fiona.  It was a very good picture, and much better than hers…

Inside the burrow, everyone was looking at the picture.  Roger had warned them about getting too close as some of the paint hadn’t dried, when..

2016-07-02 07.36.56 - Copy

“Why is there a hole in the wall?” asked Jessica.

“I think we all know why” replied Colin.  Roger’s cheeks blushed.  “What have you got to say for yourself?”

Before Roger could speak, one of the old rabbits spoke.

“It reminds me of a time, not so long ago” he said, “when a small rabbit called Colin did something similar.  So whilst we all go for dinner, Roger Rory AND Colin can patch up the wall.  But well done everyone, I did like the pictures.”

Jessica peered through the picture.

“Well, at least it lets light into the hallway.”


The Monster Under the Bed (childrens short story)

2016-06-04 08.57.45

It was a squeal that woke everyone in the burrow.  Jessica and Roger hadn’t long gone to bed; Colin was just starting to sort himself out ready to go to bed as well.  He ran into the bunnies bedroom.

“What is it?” Colin asked. “You sounded like you’d seen a ghost!”

“There’s a monster in the cupboard!” cried Jessica.

2016-06-04 08.53.56

“Now, come on” said Colin, with a small smile “there’s no such thing as a monster in the cupboard.”

“There is – I saw it!” insisted Jessica “He had horns and piercing eyes!”

“Would it help if I checked?” asked Colin. “I’ll get my torch”.

Colin went back to his room and returned to the bedroom.  Both Roger and Jessica were sat on the top of the bed, hugging each other.

“We both saw it!!” they exclaimed. “He came back out then disappeared back in the cupboard!”

Colin switched on his torch and walked over to the cupboard. Taking a deep breath, he said

“Monster, I’m opening this door – you’d better not be there!”

He swung open the door and looked inside.  Apart from their jackets and shoes, the cupboard was empty.  He turned to face Jessica and Roger.

2016-06-04 08.54.51

“There’s nothing in here that isn’t supposed to be there.” he said.  “Time to settle and go to sleep.”

Colin hadn’t gone long before there was another scream. He sighed and returned to the bedroom.

“What is it now?” he asked.

Roger spoke – with a fear in his wobbly voice. “It’s back” he said.

“What’s back?”

“The monster! It’s under the bed!”

2016-06-04 08.55.34

Colin stood with Jessica and Roger.  He looked under the bed.  “There’s nothing there!”

Roger pointed upwards.

“That’s because he’s not under the bed any more” said Roger. “Look – he’s on the bed!”

They all looked up.

2016-06-04 08.55.55

“Crikey!” said Colin. “There’s a monster on the bed!”

“Aaarrggghhh!!” squealed the Monster, “There’s monsters in front of me!”

Colin blinked.

“I’m sorry?” he asked the monster. “You’re the monster under the bed and in the cupboard!”

“and you’re the monsters that make me hide under the bed and in the cupboard!” the monster replied.

“But we’re not monsters” said Colin. “We’re rabbits!  I’m Colin and this is Jessica and Roger!”

The monster climbed off the bed and came over to them.

2016-06-04 08.56.53

“I’m Rory” said the Monster. “I’m a … err… I don’t know what I am.”

“Why’s that?” asked Jessica.

“Because I’ve not met another one of me” he replied.  “I’ve been here for ages – no idea how I got here.”

“Well, you’re here now” said Roger thoughtfully. “And now we’ve met, you don’t seem so scary to me.  Perhaps Colin could read us all a story and we can get to sleep?”

“Well, all little monsters should be in bed now then” smiled Colin. “If you all start going back to bed, I’ll put my torch back in my room and get a book to read to you.”

“Thank you” said Rory as he, Jessica and Roger climbed into bed. “But nothing scary please; they keep me awake.”

“I’ll see what I can find.” said Colin.

Roger turned to Rory.  “I think we’ll have some fun adventures” he said.

“I do hope so” yawned Rory “It’s nice to not feel scared at night any more.”

“Yes” said Jessica “I think we’ll all sleep a little better now.”

She yawned – and then so did Roger and Rory.  By the time Colin returned with his story book all three were asleep. Colin smiled and turned the light out.