A week in creativity

Hi everyone!

One thing that this week has shown me is how much our emotions can and will affect our art / creativity; something that I think has been shown quite well in two of the images in this week’s showcase.  However, what I will present is not the full creative output of this week – if you remember my snail drawing from last week:

2017-08-04 18.35.17
A Snail and his home.

I started to draw up my book of images.  I now have approximately 25 of them, all sketched in pencil, so the next job will be inking, removing the pencil and colouring!  Because they have all been drawn into their own sketch book I’ve had to redraw the snail pictures again!

So let’s start with those drawings:

I won’t make them big because to me at least they are examples of creative art where I felt better for drawing them – rather than drawing them to show and make others feel better about themselves (I always draw to make me feel better, it’s just some are created to exorcise and deal with my own thoughts).

Because of “Project Snail” I didn’t do much toy photography either, although these did make me smile when I created them (perhaps one may be a little more naughty, but it can be explained with something innocent… I’m sure…):

2017-08-07 22.53.06
Knight Time…
2017-08-08 20.21.32
“You can have this back; I’ve learned that once a King, always a King; but once a Knight’s enough”

But that’s not everything for this week because I also got a New Toy to play with – a folding travel LightBox!  Called Foldio, it comes with two dimmable light sources, a number of backdrops and it’s all held together by magnets, making it a really professional set up!  I was able to take these two pictures, using the Green Screen background:

2017-08-12 11.11.262017-08-12 11.28.48-1 - Copy

What I learned though is that the green can be reflected in the whites and greys – making the original intention to superimpose these onto backgrounds was much harder.  I think I need to try something a little more neutral like a white or a black… but that’s the fun of digital photography – you can experiment more freely without worrying about processing costs…

2017-08-12 11.28.48-1

Have a great week everyone!


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