A week in creativity

Hello everybody!

It’s been a fun creative week, with learning about how my camera works AND new funky apps to play with!  So, let’s jump straight in with the LEGO photography!

The LEGO Ninjago movie is coming soon and LEGO have released a number of collectible minifigures to get hold of.  I was able to get to my local LEGO store and get hold of a few – including the new fabulous “N-Pop girl” – with the Unikitty top she really embraces the Kawaii cuteness.  Also is the Rock Tour fans, complete with their “AC/DC” style logo t-shirt fronts and sold out 1985 tour on the back.

2017-07-31 20.39.28
“I think some of these bubbles are yours.”
2017-08-02 19.46.46
“How do you make a good Sushi roll? Find a steep hill.”
2017-08-02 19.49.50
“You’re not a true fan of the band!”
2017-08-02 19.51.57
So cute…. N-pop girl and Butterfly girl
2017-08-04 17.49.31
“Enough with the acoustics, dude! We want to Rock!”
2017-08-04 17.55.31
Don’t be *that* guy.

My art this week has been a little varied to say the least.  As well as a Mandala, I also drew a little more Kawaii – this time inspired by a “how to” book that I bought on the subject.  The book gives loads of sketch patterns to draw so much. However, potentially the biggest influence on my art came from the outside of the book and I could not find it anywhere inside…

2017-08-04 11.06.18
This week’s mandala
2017-08-01 23.29.31
2017-08-04 11.08.29
Pizza… I may be drawing a few more of these!
2017-08-04 11.07.01
The idea of drawing Bertie wasn’t that he would look like this but a normal London bus. There’s always next week!
2017-08-04 11.07.14

The following “Snail” kawaii drawing was inspired by the back of the book. As soon as I had drawn a rough snail image, my imagination started to think of a whole series of Snail related images… and something that I now have a separate drawing book to fill with these ideas. In fact, some of them didn’t originate from my head, but an even more surreal fun conversation with Sue!

2017-08-04 18.35.17
A Snail and his home.
2017-08-04 19.13.34
Without his shell, this snail is an excellent drinks waiter
2017-08-04 19.13.54
Breakdown snail

I have said before that creativity isn’t just about what you produce; it’s also what you absorb.  In addition, it is learning how to make use of what you have at your disposal.  I discovered that my phone has the functionality for “selective focus” – I can take a picture of something close up, focus on the background and the resulting picture can be viewed either with foreground focus, or background focus – or as a combination of the two:

2017-08-05 17.27.20

From a Toy photography perspective, which relies on being able to focus on both, this is brilliant and should save me HOURS of post production work!  The other app that I was able to play with was the TeliportMe 360 panorama.  Although my phone does do quite effective panoramas (again, saving me hours of stitching images as I used to do), this allows you to move around the scene – and if you have a Virtual Reality headset, you can also set it to show you it through that – giving you a really immersive experience. The link below should take you to the image I took at the start of the evening at the Glastonbury Extravaganza:


As I mentioned it… every year in addition to the world-known Glastonbury Music Festival, there is a smaller one-night Glastonbury Extravaganza which is held in the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey (where King Arthur was supposedly buried).  This is usually a three-band line up . This year we saw the Black Dyke brass band, Corinne Bailey Ray and Brian Wilson (although covering the Pet Sounds album which was now 40 years old, he was accompanied by Al Jardine and they pretty much made it a Beach Boys evening!).  At the end of the music, there is a firework display…

2017-08-05 20.30.052017-08-05 20.30.092017-08-05 21.47.032017-08-05 21.59.092017-08-05 21.59.102017-08-05 22.00.592017-08-05 22.01.01

Have a great week everybody!


One thought on “A week in creativity

  1. Looks like it was a wonderful week!! Claire was just showing my sister how to use selective focus on her Samsung phone today!! She loved it!! Hard to choose a favourite but I loved the mandala, the bus and the fireworks shots!!

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