A week in creativity (30.07)(all)

Hello everyone!  It appears to have been another creative week – even if I didn’t realise it!  Much of my personal focus this week has been on my birthday (I won’t tell you how old I am… but there is a clue further down!) and I didn’t think it left me much time for anything else.  But I was wrong, of course, because as I’ve said before creativity, art and inspiration are like breathing – you have to absorb as much as you create and put out – and to that end there is a wonderful example of how this works further on.  Anyway, enough words and on with the pictures!


Monday morning I took this picture of my local station.


Nice enough perhaps, but I had a little app on my phone (“Fluffy photo” – available for Android and iPhone) that allowed me to drop a few fun images onto it – turning it into this:

2017-07-30 07.26.22

As I said earlier, it was my birthday this week.  I thought about being “low key” and not mentioning it, but my inner extrovert wasn’t having any of that – and I found I had created these two images:

Both are on postcard sized card; the left is 10.5×10.5cm and the right is 10.5x15cm.  I published both of them on Instagram and Facebook (the one on the left has been set as my temporary profile picture for the week!) and was pleased to see that someone who shared the same birth day as myself had shared the image on the right!  I received many congratulations and well wishes, so I decided to say thank you as best as I knew how:

2017-07-27 00.15.14

On my birth day itself, I met with a good friend of mine who surprised me with a most awesome present – a model of a “Flying V” electric guitar, as used by Jimi Hendrix:

2017-07-26 23.34.01
Me. Having a beer outside Mr Fogg’s Tavern, Covent Garden, London. Photo by Dianne Longley
2017-07-30 07.31.58
Model of Jimi Hendrix’s Flying V guitar

Now this is where I think the “absorb-inspire-create” cycle really shows itself.  You see,  one of the best misheard lyrics that has done the rounds is Hendrix’s 1967 hit “Purple Haze” and the line “‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky” which is often repeated as “‘Scuse me while I kiss this guy”.  As a day in history, the day after I was given the model guitar, I read that on the 27th July 1967 (so 50 years ago) the UK decriminalised homosexuality.  From all those things – and having the necessary elements – I produced this:

2017-07-27 15.03.50
“Excuse me while I kiss this guy.”

So my “absorb” part of the cycle also continues this week with “three” new additions to the ever growing toy box.  Firstly, I managed to get a set of minifigures from the film “inside out”.  What’s interesting about them is that they are very cheap chinese figures, and the quality of the production is really poor – but they’re not actually knock offs as I don’t believe that LEGO ever actually produced the figures in the first place!

2017-07-30 07.31.08

The second figure is perfect for those “Monday morning pictures”

2017-07-30 07.31.26

Finally, and producing a “Isn’t this where we came in”* moment, I also got my hands on Fluffy House’s new “Ordinary Bear 2.0” who comes with a smaller “Naughty Rabbit”.  I love the simplicity of these figures, as you may have guessed from my other Naughty Rabbits pictures and stories.

2017-07-30 07.30.59

So that’s it for another week – as well as showcased my outputs this week, I’ve also hopefully provided some inspiration for you – and also the confidence that there are many different ways that you can be creative as well.

Have a great week!



*Music trivia: at the start of Pink Floyd’s album The Wall, the first words heard are “We Came in” and the last three are “Isn’t this where”.  If you play the album on a loop, these join up to make the phrase “Isn’t this where we came in”.


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