A week in creativity (all)

Hello everyone!

I was a little worried that I wouldn’t have much to show for creative output this week; however it would seem that this was an unfounded thought as you shall see!  It has been another week where I have been taking in as much as I have been putting out, as it where, so thanks go to all the artists that have inspired me this week.

I’ll start with the “show” part of this week’s show and tell. Last week in the office I mentioned my art, and the size that I usually work to – and I felt challenged to scale up.  I still have the challenges with fitting the stuff into a suitcase, so I couldn’t go too big, but I went to A4 and decided on a mandala.  Ten hours later, I had produced this:

2017-07-22 09.18.19
This the completed, framed version of “Now & Zen”

Of course, I couldn’t spend all my time focused on detail (the pen sizes used for the mandala were 0.05, 0.2 and 0.5) so decided to play.  I’m still liking the Britto style of art as it’s quite colourful; so I also went with a little Kawaii art for good measure:

2017-07-20 18.38.19

That was all the drawing I did this week 🙂 but then, these were a few sizes bigger than normal.  However, when I got home I started to unbox the parcels, one of which was a delivery from crazybricks.com.  I’d backed the latest idea on Kickstarter which unfortunately didn’t get the backing – but he had put the carrots into production.

2017-07-22 08.20.532017-07-22 08.18.482017-07-22 08.19.23

I had read about an outdoors art exhibition in London’s Regents Park and decided to head over and have a look.  It had been raining all morning, but by the time I headed out this had all cleared and it was the lovely sunny day that the pictures show.  I will add though that the grass was still damp – something to think about when you see the picures of the Lego figures – yes, I was laying on the ground to take them!

2017-07-20 14.36.39
This sign told you where the art was – and about the app that would tell you more about each piece
2017-07-20 14.38.14
“Endless column (22 Totems)” by Hank Willis Thomas
2017-07-20 14.50.31
“Summertime – the Regents Park” by Rasheed Araeen
2017-07-20 14.31.10
“untitled” by Mimmo Paladino. If you haven’t spotted it, there’s a mirror in the frame. However, on the other side is another rock – and another mirror!
2017-07-20 14.46.11
“Wheelbarrow (red)” by Michael Craig-Martin
2017-07-20 14.36.11
“17 acute unequal angles” by Bernar Vernet
2017-07-20 14.31.39
2017-07-20 14.47.46
It was HUGE!
2017-07-20 14.32.32
finding art!
2017-07-20 14.32.58
2017-07-20 14.44.55
Then we went to look at some flowers

2017-07-20 14.41.452017-07-20 14.42.032017-07-20 14.42.112017-07-20 14.42.202017-07-20 14.42.55

I also found out that the clay stop-motion figure Morph turned 40 this year!  Morph, for those who are not aware of the character, featured in the BBC childrens art programmes “Take Hart” and “Hartbeat” with the artist Tony Hart.  I didn’t realise that he has a number of videos on Youtube today….

2017-07-22 14.57.032017-07-22 14.56.402017-07-22 14.47.102017-07-22 14.56.442017-07-22 14.56.272017-07-22 14.57.482017-07-22 14.48.13

Have a great week everyone!


2 thoughts on “A week in creativity (all)

  1. WordPress really needs a LOVE button. How did I miss this one? I was so delighted to hear that you shared your art with your work colleagues and that you created Now and Zen. The detail is incredible!! Love the photos in the park and appreciate you sacrificing your dry clothes for the photos! It is hard to pick a favourite from the park photos. Wow, can’t believe Morph is 40 but he’s still a kid at heart…just like someone else i know. Fantastic week David.

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