A week in creativity (PG)

Hello everyone!  It’s been a good week for creativity, both from absorbing to creating and making it.  Early in the week I was able to get over to the Kyoto Garden in Holland Park – and also see the other gardens that were in the Park.  This afforded me the opportunity of calm and serenity – especially when waiting for people to get out of shot so I could take pictures! I took the Lego Butterfly Girl along with me and so was able to take a couple of those pictures too.

My studies in mindfulness also came out on Tuesday when I discovered I couldn’t change trains at the station as I had intended, so I decided to walk to the next one.  On the way, I found a small shop which had some lovely mindfulness cards and coasters.

Finally on Friday I got out on Buddy (my motorbike) and decided to go down a road that I’d not been down before.  Apart from the narrowness of the road (which was “interesting” at times) I ended up at a fantastic viewpoint – and a pleasant reminder of why I moved from the city to the country.

I’m also quite pleased with my creative outputs too – I tried to combine the detail of a black and white mandala, with the humour of Kawaii (oh and a large dash of Britto-style pop art).  It’s an odd mash up, but I don’t dislike it… it is now on the wall at home anyway!

The Creative Random Art Project is the reason this week’s post has a PG rating.  I was inspired from a Facebook post where the parent was complaining about all the art that they had been presented with from the children’s school year and where would they put it.  One commenter used this phrase to refer to this artwork…. I now have an Ikea picture display hanger that looks like a film roll – and this now sits at the top of the display 🙂

Anyhoo – enjoy and I’ll hopefully see you next week!

2017-07-10 16.36.51
Kyoto Garden, Holland Park
2017-07-10 16.43.51
Butterfly Girl in the Garden
2017-07-10 16.53.01
Fountain in Holland Park
2017-07-10 16.54.36-1
Sometimes single elements work as well as the full item
2017-07-10 16.55.28
Butterfly Girl on a rose
2017-07-10 17.25.05
Ice Cream at the Italian Gardens, Kensington Gardens
2017-07-10 17.44.33
View of the Serpentine, Hyde Park
2017-07-14 17.43.39
View from Ham Hill, Somerset
2017-07-14 17.43.50
View from Ham Hill, Somerset
2017-07-11 21.42.04
Motivational Message
2017-07-10 23.16.11
Pand-yarr bear
2017-07-10 23.16.20
Pan de Bear
2017-07-13 18.01.45
Ice lolly, with a Britto influence
2017-07-13 18.03.21
Britto, Kawaii and Mandala
2017-07-14 18.57.43
The initials!!!
2017-07-12 23.36.09
Playing with the fading pens
2017-07-12 23.19.43
“Now we add some Happy trees” as Bob Ross might say
2017-07-15 08.17.28
“It’s just a phase… you’ll grow out of it”
2017-07-15 14.31.07
To maintain control of your boarders, you need to use a decent cutting device.
2017-07-11 20.41.48
That time I had a Stikbot monkey on my back.



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