A week in creativity (all)

Hello everyone!

This week’s creative images first.

2017-05-15 08.07.52
15: begins with A: Alien
16: Street Art. Where I’m staying at the moment there’s no street art where I live – so I drew my own
2017-05-16 07.35.58
17: clouds
18: pastel. The 80’s introduced pastels into the men’s wardrobe, which was quite a bold statement
19: learn
2017-05-20 19.37.59
20: music: the Retro 80’s festival stage
2017-05-21 09.21.15
21: memories. I remember when Lego minifigures became articulated

And the rest of the creative processes for this week:

2017-05-14 15.13.332017-05-16 21.48.372017-05-0172017-05-18 07.29.10

Finally, I wanted to share these photographs of the Tokidoki XXRAY Freeny model we got:

See you next week!



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