A week in creativity (all) (week ending 14.05)

Hello everyone!  It’s been quite an interesting week, with my focus (apparently) on monsters and things that go bump in the night!  One thing I feel I ought to point out is that quite often the images I post here are not quite the same as the ones that I have posted on Instagram.  Instagram formats images into square, and will quite often require a crop to the image which is either better in post production, or not needed at all.  I have tried in some cases to repeat it – but generally I’m posting the source image (i.e. the one that I took with my camera) rather than the one that I finally posted to Instagram / Facebook.

So, onto the images.  This week, I’ll split the images into drawing, then toy photography, then other.

2017-05-08 20.47.45
The Unisaurus – for day 8: Paint. I had a lot of fun with this, including the notes for the creature “probably fluffy”
2017-05-09 19.49.36
I came up with this image soon after drawing the Unisaurus. I can image someone telling a small child this…
2017-05-09 19.54.29
I’ll admit to being a little ambivalent about this one. It was for day 10: “I love” and as it was Wednesday I tried to link it to the hashtag “wheresyawienerwednesday” I like the way the shading came out but there’s probably an overload of pinks (to be fair I didn’t have any reds with me)
2017-05-10 21.10.46-1
Almost continuing a theme from the “monsters under the bed” and “eyes” was this drawing for day 11: eyes. It’s also interesting to see how a change of paper can affect the way the ink works
2017-05-10 21.10.59-1
So this is Day 12:wire. I was trying to go for “wireframe” drawing but somewhere along the way I started to add softer curves… and then I added a little colour.
2017-05-13 09.21.10
This was a fun little drawing that I did yesterday to go on the other blog.


2017-05-11 07.37.49-2
The new collectible Lego series contains a 1980’s guy – and I love the phone, so created this little throwback picture
2017-05-12 14.30.35
Yup, Scooby-Doo! I found the posable Captain Cutler’s ghost figure… Scooby is about 6 inches from the ghost and the camera is much closer to Scooby and reduces the height of the bad guy
2017-05-12 20.50.45
Just a quiet moment when the toys were talking amongst themselves
2017-05-12 20.51.21
“Do you often find yourself out of your depth?”
2017-05-13 08.17.21
This was for Day 13: Free choice. I thought the classic “Matrix” option of the Red/Blue pill would work here. What I like about this is the image has not been processed or filtered – the figure is standing against a white card, holding the two Lego studs. There is no additional lighting other than the natural light that comes into my room and yet those studs really stand out.
2017-05-13 08.22.15
Day 14: Quirky. I do like and create things that aren’t wholly “usual”, such as the BFF of the Cactus and the balloon (I have another with Sushi being stabbed by chopsticks). The two minifigures are equally fun and quirky, swapping normal heads for something else – and yet they still (sort of) work!
2017-05-07 17.39.34
I envy this guy’s fashion sense…
2017-05-09 06.55.56
I quite like challenges – but for day 9: stairs, all I could think was just stairs. At least I’ve hopefully picked an interesting angle.
2017-05-13 14.11.26
This is called “Hope and Renewal” and was created from the fire that albeit destroyed the Royal Clarence Hotel in Exeter last year. Some of these timbers date back to the 1500s (the hotel was one of the oldest in the country). The two images below show what is left (and isn’t fenced off) and a photograph taken at the time of the fire.
2017-05-13 14.15.41
As  a final image for the week, I have included this image as I think it reflects that if you want to have an interest in a creative hobby  – whether that is photography, drawing or writing – having at least some of your tools available to capture ideas (or images) is key.  As we left the Exeter Cathedral grounds, I was struck at how pretty this street was – and fortunately my phone is my “go to” camera so was able to capture this classic English street.


Have a great week everyone!


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