A week in creativity (all)

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve all had a good week.  In the UK we had a public holiday on Monday, so my creativity was less on the photography / drawing and more about getting out and enjoying life.  But the drawing still happened 🙂

2017-05-01 10.22.29
1: Window. Raven looking out
2017-05-02 07.39.58
2: no filter. Sometimes people share things on Social Media that isn’t very social
2017-04-21 13.42.32
3: skyline: Not the image I used on Instagram, but a lovely view of the subject matter (Whitby) from another angle.
2017-05-04 20.57.22
4: inside my home: Sue’s new dressing table. Fortunately we have a skylight in the bedroom, otherwise it wouldn’t have fitted!
2017-05-05 16.26.00
5: on my (home) plate. Safe!
2017-05-06 07.25.32-1
6: nature.
2017-05-06 07.35.05
7: wish. Back in August 2014 I created Tynk, who has lived in her little house in my room ever since!


But as well as continuing the Photo A Day challenge, I did a little more too…

2017-05-03 23.58.002017-05-06 08.46.452017-05-02 22.01.30

2017-05-06 08.00.27
The “Elvis Enthusiast” is made by Citizen Brick
2017-05-01 09.09.25
My take on the film Bugsy Malone – possibly the most inventive children’s film ever!
2017-05-05 17.00.47
Busker: accepting requests and tips – and will accept contactless and ApplePay.
2017-05-06 08.53.20
“Nope, I’ve not seen Brad Majors, Space Ranger.  Sound like an awesome guy though.”


Have a great week everyone!


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