The Butterfly girl (All) (457 words)

2017-05-02 22.04.52

The Lego Collectible Minifigures Series 17 has now landed in the UK and are starting to appear in the image streams of UK toy photographers. I took the opportunity to get mine through my usual custom part dealer – I admit that I did pay more for them than I would if I had got them blind bagged, but at the time of writing this they hadn’t made their way down to the West Country and I haven’t had the chance to get to the shops.  Anyway, in my haul I made sure that I had this little cute figure of the Butterfly Girl.

Regular readers of my blog will have noticed that I’ve started to embrace Kawaii in my drawing style – so having this character as an inspiration was just a done deal.

The butterfly wings are a translucent pink  and the printing on them is wonderful – they are a LEGO part of beauty 🙂 Normally, I really don’t like the “child” legs that LEGO have produced – they are too stiff and so don’t allow a mobility / flexibility / posability to the figure – but somehow these seem right, as if she’s wearing pink tights under those pink shoes that she’s got on (LEGO have at least added some printing to the front of the feet).  These go really well with the standard shape of the torso – that printing makes it look like she has a little dress on.

Going back to my love of Kawaii – how cute is the caterpillar/butterfly on her dress?  I’m going to have to draw that next!  Finally the touches on her hair and face complete this figure in all its cuteness.


Although I’ve posed the girl in front on an image that she and Eraser worked on jointly (I’ll show that in the weekly roundup!) as Spring and Summer are here I reckon that she will have to go out and be photographed in the Great Outdoors rather than in an indoor set up location (like say, 1980’s Yuppy Guy, or Strongman).  The lighting will work really well with those wings I reckon.


For me, the Series 17 is an interesting one – and probably one of LEGO’s best.  But not because all the figures are cool (that said, there are a few that I have more than one of, such as Rocket Boy and Retro Space Ranger) but because on every figure there is SOMETHING that will be of use to a toy photographer.  It may be the rabbit that comes with the vet, the mobile phone with the 1980’s guy or the leopard print pants of the Strongman (OK , maybe that one’s more for the grownups!)  but there will be something.


But until then, it’s time to take Butterfly Girl out to the park.


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