A week in creativity (Bumper edition!)

Hi everyone!

So I didn’t get around to posting last week – I was away in Whitby, UK, for the April Whitby Goth Weekend.  The evenings were late and the days were busy – and I’ll have a blog about that on theblackcrane.wordpress.com quite soon. Because it was such a fun weekend, the creativity levels this week were a little lower than usual (at least that’s what I thought), but I still managed the image a day challenge.

So enjoy!

2017-04-17 09.16.51
Eye Spy
2017-04-18 08.05.08
2017-04-19 08.04.05
Retro. It was also #wheresyawienerwednesday
2017-04-19 08.14.07
I sat here
2017-04-19 15.02.57
2017-04-19 15.26.16
2017-04-22 19.41.38
Good Together. Not the original image I used on Instagram, but I prefer this one!
2017-04-24 07.52.27
2017-04-24 23.10.17
Black and White
2017-04-25 21.23.42
Rectangle. It is in there!
2017-04-27 00.57.44
Smooth. As in “You’ve been struck by a smooth criminal”
2017-04-28 08.42.58
Get in the Photo – when the other cat wants in
2017-04-29 08.22.48
Transport: Taking crackers to the man in the moon (because the moon is made of cheese)
2017-04-30 07.31.48
Makes me happy – being able to share this with you 🙂

As well as those pictures, I did take a few more.  The image for “rough” got finished, for example:

2017-04-19 15.02.39
a bit more wok on the drawing for “Rough”
2017-04-19 15.24.51
2017-04-19 21.41.08
I got these glow-in-the-dark earth spirit figures – and boy do they glow! Night shot with Samsung S7 – no filters, or edits
2017-04-19 21.42.07
I have a cardboard solar house that glows – came out well
2017-04-24 17.37.09
Nelson’s Column and a Landseer lion
2017-04-28 09.24.30
“Some call me a Space Cowboy / Some call me the gangster of love”
2017-04-28 21.24.51
2017-04-28 21.25.33
Just stopping here
2017-04-29 09.08.25
“I’d like to sing you a country song; I call it The Day My Dog Ran Off With My Favourite Truck”

The guitar was a a build based on an image I had seen on Instagram; if you know your LEGO parts you’ll notice that the construction has something interesting about it!


Anyways, that’s all for this week – have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week!



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