A week in creativity (all)

Hi everyone!

Even allowing for it being a short working week, I’m quite pleased with the amount of creativity that has occurred.  I was fortunate that last weekend was a lovely day and I was able to get outside for some toy photography.  Additionally, I was able to make myself wait for things like the ink to dry on the paper – making it far easier to remove the pencil marks without smudging.

Anyways, onwards with the creations!

2017-04-09 13.50.56
day 10: flora
day 11: street. These three all use gas lamps!
2017-04-09 13.59.49
day 12: fauna. Designation: soft kitty, warm kitty
2017-04-11 22.59.05-1
day 13: story – to a happy life
2017-04-14 07.41.39
day 14: lights
2017-04-15 09.02.57
day 15: (creature) comfort
2017-04-16 07.23.15
day 16: egg

This week’s Instagram #wheresyawienerwednesday almost didn’t happen; however, I managed to remember in time and it also coincided with the viral video of the news reporter getting caught out on screen

2017-04-12 22.25.44

As well as the image for day 13 “Story” I also managed a two part drawing, “Home” and “Away”. They are a little Burton-esque but I’m pleased with their quirky nature:


And as it’s Easter, my Naughty Rabbits had to make an appearance.  I was quite fortunate that in a trip to a garden centre recently I found an artificial grass sample – perfect for bringing the outside in!

2017-04-16 08.18.30

2017-04-15 09.11.05
I can’t eat another thing!
2017-04-15 09.21.05
We walked all this way for that? I don’t get it

I’ve included this last one because it has been bouncing around in my head for a little while now – and I think it was worth including to reflect the nature of creativity.  Around the world, people will be walking up hundreds of steps to look at something that is culturally important or significant – mostly because they are in that country and the guide book tells them that it is culturally important.  And I suspect that this sentiment will be echoed many times round the world.  Does it work as a creative image?  Probably not, but this is when creativity and art become that scenario when the idea is there, the image is mostly there (I know I need to crop and edit a little) but somehow you know it doesn’t quite work.

And yet “Easter Island” came to me in a flash.  Go figure.



So have a good Easter.  I’m not sure if I’ll post next week as I’m on leave, so perhaps it may be late… or I may save it all for a bumper catch up.  Have fun!


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