A week in creativity (PG WARNING!!)

Hello everyone!  OK, let me start by pointing out the PG warning – there’s a reference in here to something that may be a little “adult” in one of the photo-a-day challenges.

So a new week – and a new approach to postcard art, partly inspired if I’m honest with that lovely picture I shared last week.  The technique is not new and in truth it’s pretty obvious; it’s LETTING THE INK DRY. I know – crazy right?  In pretty much every drawing I’ve done I’ve drawn it first in pencil, then used black ink and then added the colours. In between the black in and colouring is the “rubbing the visible pencil lines out” and it is here that the slow dawning of reality has finally caught up with me… often the black ink will not have dried, so I’ll either get a smudge, a streak… or the colours will be blurred at the edges.  Although this is a really obvious thing, I also recognise that it has a downside – I can’t just lose myself in several hours of one piece of art as I have to stop.  But I think the results have been good, especially for this week’s art which makes use of a lot of lettering.

Anyways, onwards!

I rather enjoyed my drawing this week – with the exception of “PURR” they have been used for blog posts in The Black Crane.

2017-04-05 18.41.07

Out on a walk around London’s Knightsbridge area this week I found this piece of art called “Unfurl”.  When I first saw it I was struck by its location – there isn’t an art gallery nearby, it just seemed to be be there.  I later found out the name of the piece but also that it had been purchased by donations from locals!

The Photo a day challenge went well, although there are a couple where I wasn’t happy with the subject matter – I felt that I had met the brief but with the minimum amount of effort possible.  But there will be days like that I guess.

2017-04-02 07.53.16
Happened this weekend: we had a visitor
2017-04-03 11.57.18
2017-04-04 21.45.36
Frame(d): someone had painted over Joker’s Mum’s favourite picture and frame… but was it Joker?
2017-04-05 19.28.56
Letterbox (screen capture from my Instagram Account)
2017-04-07 07.37.37
2017-04-08 07.36.43
Nooo! The word of the day is FORK!

Somehow just taking a picture of a fork seemed less… fun…

2017-04-09 07.28.29


Ok, that’s me for this week, have a great one and I’ll see you next time!


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