A week in creativity (all)

Hello everyone!

It’s been quite a fun week; some of the photo a day challenges have certainly allowed me to stretch the creative thinking and go in the non-standard direction! Additionally, for one of the images I definitely broke the “rules” of photography and I’ll explain why later.

But I’ll start with the inspirations this week – some direct, some not so.  I feel fortunate that I now live in Somerset, which is the home to the small town of Glastonbury (the small music gathering is nearby) and the Somerset Levels.  In Glastonbury there is a small man-made hill called the “Tor”; no-one really knows why it is there and there are some really wonderful myths and tales about it.  For me, it’s along some lovely country roads….

2017-03-26 16.27.17

The other inspiration this week came from a run.  The day challenge was “floating” and I was heading down a route of working out how I could draw a cloud and make it look like a Lego figure was floating – without the use of photo editing.  I’d also decided to go for a run and set off to Paddington (in case you were wondering I work in London during the week) and joined the Grand Union Canal with the intention of running up to Little Venice (a lovely location for photos etc) then following the canal to Regents Park where I would finish my jog at Baker Street Station.  As soon as I got to the Paddington Basin, I had the “ah-ha!” moment when I realised floating could be water-based!  As it was, on my run I was checking where I needed to go (just along from Little Venice the canal goes into a tunnel and there is no footpath, so I had to follow the roads) and I noticed that I wasn’t too far from the famous Abbey Road Recording studios – and the infamous crossing on the Beatles record cover.

Of course, it is worth noting to any visitors to London that the zebra crossing that you will photograph isn’t the one from the album cover – the council moved it a few hundred feet up the road.  But it’s good for the “I was there” photos!

So onto this week’s challenge images.

2017-03-27 07.51.48
A quiet moment
2017-03-27 22.13.23
2017-03-29 19.36.37
2017-03-28 21.50.56
Starts with P…
2017-03-31 09.30.57
2017-04-01 08.18.52
Starts with T… breakfast!
2017-04-02 07.53.16
Happened this weekend – we had a visitor

Of the images, I felt that the “Quiet Moment” was probably the most interesting – and the one that in my book broke photography rules.  To be clear, these “rules” are more guidelines to framing your picture in a more pleasing and natural way (for example, getting the principle people on the “thirds” lines of an image, or being at the right height – so getting down to a child’s height to get the better picture angle).  In this case I shot downwards, at an angle and not on the Thirds line.  But it made the overall image just a little different to normal.

But I also managed some non-challenge art and images this week… so enjoy…

2017-03-27 08.11.58-1
There were birthdays this week
2017-03-27 21.23.35
a few birthdays…
2017-03-27 22.14.54
Hugs were given
2017-03-27 22.27.56
Rapty enjoying the Dinosaur bits in King Kong
2017-03-28 20.10.49-1
2017-03-31 17.29.31
He was going to keep an eye on these plants
2017-04-02 08.02.28
My Lego calendar for April 🙂


Finally, I HAVE to say a HUGE THANK YOU to my good friend Lori (who has a wonderful blog incidentallearner.wordpress.com) who sent me this fantastic painting that she completed whilst being snowbound earlier this year.  It’s of my wife and I and Lori has used a photo that was taken a few years ago when went to the Goth Weekend at Whitby.   I’m working on getting a frame for it and it will be hung with pride in the office!  Thank you!

2017-04-01 13.33.23
(c) Lorelei Walsh


Have a great week!


One thought on “A week in creativity (all)

  1. Great photos and a wonderful week of creativity! I am thrilled you like the painting and will hand it with pride. It was my pleasure to paint…and with so many details…I enjoyed making it for you both. Have a lovely night, Lori xo

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