Adventures in Normal (all)

2017-03-12 08.10.08

“I wonder if I should dye my hair”

2017-03-12 08.10.40

“Bet I’ll have to go to the loo if I drink all that”

2017-03-12 08.12.26

“Oh, I should have turned left!”*

So there’s a story behind this.  I planned to go out and do about 9Km / 6 miles, but instead went straight on when I should have turned left at Victoria Station… and as there was no path by the Battersea Power Station I ended up adding another mile and a half onto the run.  On the plus side, I now know a 10Km route…

2017-03-13 08.03.08

Convent Entrance

2017-03-19 09.07.08


2017-03-19 09.08.39

“You are in my powers”

2017-03-19 09.09.35

“I see you… Gotcha!”


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