A week in creativity

It feels like it’s been a long week with little creativity; however my Fitbit has never been worked so hard! So apart from the daily photo challenges, there was only a small amount of additional creativity this week.

I suppose the biggest completion is the Jecka Cat.  Standing about 30cm tall, this build has taken approximately 10 hours to complete.  Unlike Lego, the bricks aren’t held together by clutch power alone but instead each row is then pinned together using little pins… over 2000 of them!  The bricks themselves aren’t standard Lego size either, so I couldn’t substitute to get it to look like one of our cats.  but I’m pleased with the way it’s come out.

I did manage to see how his model railway was coming on; although it is still in development, I did spot a couple of small opportunities to for pictures

2017-03-17 11.21.142017-03-17 11.20.55

The following is the random collection of images that I have taken over the week that weren’t tied to the photo challenge:

2017-03-17 16.55.24
Happy St Guinness Day
2017-03-12 08.08.46
“Fancy a good time?”
2017-03-12 11.28.50
Winder Woman – the lesser known super hero
2017-03-12 16.29.57
“Young Man, there’s no need to be down”
2017-03-14 17.21.14-1
Carnaby Street sign
2017-03-14 20.37.28
My entry for this week’s wheresyawienerwednesday
2017-03-16 19.34.24
Night photo Trafalgar Square
2017-03-16 19.47.14
2017-03-15 20.36.58
St Pauls Cathedral from Tate Modern
2017-03-13 20.06.01-1
Serpentine Lake, Hyde Park
2017-03-13 20.06.13-1
Across the Serpentine Lake

And so finally for this week, my weekly photo challenges:

2017-03-13 08.27.03
day 13: horizon
2017-03-13 21.20.23
day 14: in motion
2017-03-14 20.26.18
day 15: over. that moment
2017-03-15 22.34.37
day 16: key. as in off key
2017-03-16 19.35.43
day 17: off centre
2017-03-18 08.03.05
day 18: daily. Checking my Instagram feed
2017-03-19 08.13.24
day 19: orange


That’s all for this week!


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