A week in creativity (all)

So this week I found time to go an look at some art, which I wrote up in another article for your enjoyment.  Additionally, I managed to get out an do some exercise this week which left little time for lots of creativity – but I still did some anyway.

One thing that was delivered this week was a new hyper-posable figure which can be used as an artists model. However, I’m intending to use it as a new weekly blog article called “Adventures in Normal”.  Anyhoo – onto the art:

2017-03-06 13.26.24

“these are my streets”

2017-03-07 21.32.05

Batman’s favourite pop group

2017-03-10 18.33.18

Mr Private. Under legal instruction I can’t tell his story

2017-03-07 21.29.44

this week was both #wheresyawienerwednesday and international women’s day. somehow this seemed perfect for irony

2017-03-07 21.19.50

Batman approved art

2017-03-06 21.04.55

a little evening Kawaii art


The weekly challenge continued and I was fortunate that I could use some of the pictures from the Art of the Brick to meet the brief for the day!

2017-03-06 12.35.00

day 6: in the air

2017-03-06 13.04.05

day 7: on

2017-03-07 21.28.21

day 8: fave part of the day – spending time with these guys

2017-03-09 00.58.21

day 9: miniature; love the detail in the drawing

2017-03-10 08.58.18

day 10: draw the untold (and unofficial) story of Mr Secret Agent

2017-03-10 16.50.51

day 11: two tone


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