The Art of the Brick: DC Super Heroes (all)

Nathan Sawaya is back in the UK with the latest tour of his Art of the Brick exhibition; this time the focus is on DC comic book super heroes.  The exhibition itself is in a marquee on what was a public car park – I mention this as when you get the tickets and it tells you where it is you might think that this is the nearest landmark.

I think Sawaya toured last year with the Art of the Brick – but if you haven’t seen his work before I think it is worth explaining what you’ll see.  Sawaya is an artist who uses Lego bricks as his medium. I mention this because when you get round to the gift shop, little Timmy will want the book and the box of very mini yellow – and you’ll wonder why you are paying way over the odds (in my opinion, a box of the size that mini yellow comes in should be about £10… not £40…. and £15 for the booklet.. sorry catalogue… was also a little jaw dropping).  If you want to buy DC superhero toys, my suggestion is to head to Forbidden Planet near Covent Garden and fill your boots there (but I should point out that I know about four other places about 20 minutes from Forbidden Planet that would also help satisfy the toy purchasing)  Anyway, back to the exhibition.

Unlike the last exhibition, this one is far more accessible for the people that have a mindset of “anything made from Lego = OK for kids”.  If you have half an idea of your superhero characters you will love this – I ended up taking over 200 pictures as I walked round.  I was also very, very fortunate that I went when there was almost no-one there; I reckon if it’s busy getting the “good” shot will be a challenge (although fortunately many of the exhibits are set out so there is only really one place to stand to get the best picture).  It took me about an hour to get round as I was able to take my time.  So below is a small collection of what I took.

I did take my mini-me along too – and in a couple of pictures I put him alongside for scale.   Enjoy!

2017-03-06 12.14.272017-03-06 12.15.312017-03-06 12.15.432017-03-06 12.16.242017-03-06 12.17.322017-03-06 12.22.442017-03-06 12.23.352017-03-06 12.23.482017-03-06 12.24.512017-03-06 12.27.232017-03-06 12.28.122017-03-06 12.30.162017-03-06 12.30.302017-03-06 12.32.432017-03-06 12.34.422017-03-06 12.38.302017-03-06 12.38.362017-03-06 12.38.522017-03-06 12.39.172017-03-06 12.39.252017-03-06 12.39.502017-03-06 12.41.082017-03-06 12.42.022017-03-06 12.42.532017-03-06 12.43.322017-03-06 12.43.432017-03-06 12.47.112017-03-06 12.49.392017-03-06 12.50.352017-03-06 12.50.452017-03-06 12.53.392017-03-06 12.53.462017-03-06 12.54.452017-03-06 12.57.462017-03-06 12.58.072017-03-06 12.58.182017-03-06 12.59.252017-03-06 13.00.182017-03-06 13.01.122017-03-06 13.02.072017-03-06 13.02.262017-03-06 13.02.352017-03-06 13.04.052017-03-06 13.05.412017-03-06 13.26.24


Oh, on an unrelated note, I found myself in John Lewis along Oxford Street later in the week; they have an excellent toy department and I loved their Lego Batman vehicle 🙂

2017-03-07 17.53.502017-03-07 17.55.07




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