Adventures in Normal (all)

2017-03-11 08.21.49


I recently bought a Body Kun male grey figure (pictured above).  This is a hyper posable figure complete with a number of accessories.  Although the box suggests that its purpose is to be an artists model, I’m going to use it for photography.

One of the fun challenges with toy photography is making everything seem realistic (but not).  Because “Decker”* (my model) is so pliable, I’m going to try and set up Normal-ish scenes that I can photograph.  I may well use Lego, or folded card, to make up the scenes as needed – but the general influence will be the humanising of the image.  At least, that’s what I’m hoping for – and hence the “adventures in normal”; trying to make a scene that looks like any other day… but isn’t.

I decided on the title for this collection because in my opinion there is no such thing as normal (for people) as we all have our little quirks, opinions, preferences and prejudices; realistically the best we can hope for is “typical”.

Anyway – I hope you enjoy this collection.  More hopefully next week.

*I called my figure Decker from the film Bladerunner.  Decker (Harrison Ford) plays a ‘Bladerunner’ – a group of people assigned to find and retire Replicants (human looking androids).  It’s a great film, whether you watch the original or the Director’s Cut, but my reasoning for using the name Decker is because there is a theory that the character in the film is a replicant himself.  I quite liked the idea of playing with the fact that my model – obviously not a real person – will used with the intention of looking ‘normal’.


2017-03-10 08.56.51
Is it hometime yet?
2017-03-10 12.50.13
How do I take a selfie
2017-03-10 16.53.53
2017-03-11 08.15.44
Take the Comfy chair!

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