a week in creativity (all)

And what a week it’s been!  I was reminded this week that in regards to creativity, it isn’t just what you do yourself, but what you see around you.  Consequently, this week’s collection features items that were not made or created by me, but were certainly appreciated.

So I’ll start with the things that weren’t created by me, and firstly the rainbow that encircled the house when I got home this week.  Yes, I know it can be explained by science and light waves, but that’s true of many things and so for a moment I just enjoyed the vibrancy of it:


Secondly, this week we took delivery of a new bed, handmade by Steve at spwironworks.co.uk.  It had to be adapted so we could get it up the stairs, but it looks wonderful  in place now and fits well with the house (as you can see from the picture above, we live in an old thatched cottage)


The weekly challenge continued, but I decided that going forward I would only use one daily photo challenge rather than the two I was using in January.  If you should want to play along, I’m using @fatmumslim’s challenge on Instagram:

“new” and “coins”
“window” and “evening sky” – sometimes we just have to use our imaginations to see one
“something blue”
“my breakfast”
“upside down”
“contrast” – Nanoblocks, Lego and Jekca (more on this later)
“a picture of me”

Finally, here is the collection of things that I made and did this week.  I want to make a special note that this week I took on a new building challenge by a company called Jekca. I won’t reveal what it is that I’m building, I can save those photos for another day, but it has a very different construction technique to Lego in that having put the bricks in place, you screw pins in to hold the bricks together.  The fact that the parts list shows 2,220 of the pins gives you an idea of the hours it’ll take to build it!  Anyway, enjoy:

“You rang?”
Batman and Robin – in Brick form!
The Batman Approved construction
Ayanami Rei helps with building
checking the instructions
my little restaurant – complete with sub level bar
how to get into the bar. For once, I’m really pleased that my old Lego has started to discolour as it gives an age to the railings!
Taking time to reflect
Although it was a good trick, Trigger realised that it was the only one he could do (i.e. a one trick pony)
“How could you?”


And that’s it for this week.  Have a good one everyone!


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