Another week in creativity

From a creative perspective, it’s been a challenging week with “life” getting in the way of doing more fun stuff.  But I still managed to do something – some items did feel a little “forced” but you can’t have excellence every day.

Monday’s “Photo a Day” challenge was a case in point.  Not having access to my boxes of Lego, I couldn’t just create a sofa – so instead I used one of my blank postcards and made one! Looking at the final result I can see a few adjustments I could have made to make it better, but the overall effect worked really well.  For the record, this sofa is NOT available in the DFS Sofa sale and is called “The MacGuyver”

20: “Books” and “cuddle”
21: “Heart” and “Line”

Heart and Line was a bit of a stretch, but I think shows how custom printing has come on in the last few years.  I’d started by drawing the heartbeat image in the background, but it didn’t seem enough, so I added the “human” interest of the boy hoping his friendship to the girl would help heal her broken heart.  Having Jessica, my naughty rabbit, in the background further added to the sense of optimism I was going for.

22: “Waffle” and “On the Shelf”

In the UK, to “waffle” is to talk about nothing in particular at great length (as in “he waffled on about how his toenail wore through socks whilst I did something else”).  I also tied this into the Instagram #wheresyawienerwednesday.  I preferred this to a photograph I took of a box of potato waffles on a supermarket shelf.

23: “Drip” and “Self”

I was thinking more “icky” originally for drip and self – especially as I was getting over a cold – but the drip of the tap seemed a more family-friendly solution.  The Self comes from the fact that this is a MOC (My Own Creation)… as in, I made it myself…

24: “Three” and “treasure”

It was late – and I couldn’t be bothered to find the pirates.  Instead though, I photographed these treasures – three different Lego styles for Batman.  On the right is a block creation from; on the left is the Lego minifigure Batman and in the middle one of the new Lego Brick Headz.

25: “comfort” and “grass”. The comfort of being at home”

Dodging the rain, I took this image lying on the decking.  I love the fact that my garden has a well in it and that grass is quite comfortable to lay on.

26: “Lights” and “Artsy”

An easy one for me as I had this already made!  I’d tried over christmas to put minifigures in it, but it works just as well as it is. Small lights in a jar that can be hung.

creative repairs

But the week hasn’t only been trying to get photo a day challenges sorted.  The Jawbone UP2 has a known weakspot in the clasp – and we’d tried fixing it once without success. With nothing to lose, we’ve drilled holes and threaded the beads and elastic.  I’ll find out whether the unit is still as accurate next week – it may be that I will need to work out how I can improve a clasp mechanism.  But it does look really cool now!


Finally, I know that I have already blogged about this one, but it was part of this weeks’ cerative output.  Although the final result was disposed of, it was a few hours of mindful creativity – focusing on the colouring and nothing else.


Have a good week everyone!


One thought on “Another week in creativity

  1. Great photos David….I’d love to know how to make the lights for the garden! Looks like a productive week in spite of “life” getting in the way….looks to me as if you hurdled right over it! Well done!

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