Succeeding and failing in the same instant ( words)(all)


This week I had some spare time, and little imagination to create something new, so I turned to my colouring postcards and set to.  I’d decided to use my Copic pens, as these don’t dry quite as quickly as normal felt pens, so you can get a more even cover of colour on the art piece and with further careful application you can blend and get varying colours.

At the end though, I looked at the piece of art which had taken me a couple of hours to complete and decided that I didn’t like the final result, and so tore it in half.  As the two pieces hit the bin, I had a second thought – and thus the image above was created.

You see, I had realised that I had both succeeded and failed at the same time.  I had succeeded in producing some art, but that I wasn’t happy with the final outcome.  In truth, I’m not sure what I was expecting – the ink bleed from the copic pens on the paper was too much for some of the finer elements of the image and the sea just looks wrong.  I guess it didn’t help that I looked to the the web for an image of the actual print for guidance – and in comparison this is not a success.

But then this is the success of art.  It can be something that you can enjoy as in the time I produced this I was in mindful contemplation, just focused on the art.  But it does not have to be permanent if you choose it not to be so; and it doesn’t always have to be perfect.  But above all, what the art is, or isn’t, is the decision of the artist.


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