The creative summary (all)

From a purely creative week, it’s been quite fun.  I created the two drawings using Copic pens (the ink takes a little longer to dry allowing for blending) and also I got round to writing a short story.  I particularly enjoyed doing this because I decided I needed some set elements created as well – and creating the items was quite rewarding!2017-02-14-21-55-412017-02-0202017-02-14-19-19-512017-02-14-19-17-17

The photo a day challenge continued this week:

Tough Ted”Furry” and “a habit”. some of the earliest toy photography! Key West, Floriday 2005
“Netflix” and “where I stand”. I decided to go with “net flicks”
“Miniature” and “sport”
“B is for” and “Best Invention”. I decided on ‘Bricks and Beer’!


I was saddened to read that the creator of Miffy, Dick Bruna, died this week. Although I never read Miffy properly growing up, more recently as I have been getting into Kawaii drawing both Miffy and Hello Kitty have been a bit of an inspiration.  I didn’t realise that Miffy has been around since 1955… but I did discover that for its simplicity it is quite a challenge to draw quickly!


I got my eyes tested again this weekend – and so new glasses are being made.  I couldn’t resist creating this though

“Does that line say W T F?”

Finally, whilst I’m reluctant to say that winter is over, I can’t avoid noticing that the Snowdrops, Daffodills and other plants are starting to make themselves known in the garden.


Have a good week everyone!


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