Max and the Helpful thing (Childrens super short story: 423 words) (all)



Max woke up and yawned.  He looked out and saw that it was a lovely, bright day – the sky was blue, it was already feeling warm – and Max felt good.

“Today, I will do a helpful thing” he said.

He got up, had his breakfast and left the house.  Next door, he saw Mr Brewer’s car in the driveway.

“I know” thought Max, “I’ll ask Mr Brewer if he wants his car washed.”


He knocked on Mr Brewer’s door.

“Hello Mr Brewer” said Max. “I would like to be helpful today – can I wash your car?”

Mr Brewer shook his head.


“I’m sorry Max, but I only had it washed yesterday.  But thank you for your offer.”

Max thanked Mr Brewer and walked away down the road.  Soon, he arrived at the supermarket.


At the supermarket he saw Mr Jones coming out of the shop.

“Hello Mr Jones” said Max.  “I would like to be helpful today – can I help you carry your shopping to your car?”

Mr Jones smiled.

“Well that’s a very nice thought” said Mr Jones, “but all my shopping is in this shopping trolley, so I can carry everything I need to my car.  But thank you.”


Although feeling a little disheartened, Max thanked Mr Jones and started to head home.

“Being helpful isn’t as easy as I thought it might be” said Max to himself.

On the way, he saw a crossing and Mr Alfred standing on one side.  Max walked up to Mr Alfred and asked

“Hello Mr Alfred; I’ve decided to be helpful today.  Can I help you cross the road?”


Mr Alfred smiled at Max.

“Well now, that’s a very nice thought as I do often have trouble crossing the road.  But I just crossed the road and don’t really want to go back to the other side. But thank you for your thought.”

Max thanked Mr Alfred and walked home.  “Perhaps I won’t be helpful today” thought Max “I may just have to be helpful another day.”

He got home and opened the front door.  As he was about to close it, his mum called out

“Max, hold the door please!!”


He held the door and his mum walked up.

“Thank you Max” she said. “That saved me having to remember where I’d put my door keys! That was very helpful!”

Max smiled.  He realised that sometimes the helpful things are the little things that can often be forgotten or overlooked, such as holding the door.  And more importantly, today Max had been helpful.



Author’s note:

Max is a Lego minifigure from the Star Wars theme – but as soon as I saw that head I realised that he was perfect for children’s short stories; probably as useful as Colin and the other Naughty Rabbits!


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