Opportunities and creativity – this weeks collection (PG)

A friend of mine sent me a link this week to a very limited opportunity to see a Lego creation that was on the South Bank this week.  The Batarang was installed on the Tuesday and was to be taken down on the Wednesday afternoon. I didn’t see the link until late Tuesday evening, when I worked out that to get up to London (and back) would be a real challenge… but an early start would enable me to get into London and then off to work and still not be late.  A chance opportunity not to be missed!

My other opportunity (and the reason for the PG rating) was to get to Mr Fogg’s Tavern – a bar that would have most Steampunk fans in a delirium.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get into Mr Fogg’s gin parlour upstairs, but there’s always another day.  I’ve included the images I took because the whole decor was very arty and creative – and just proves that art can be found anywhere.  I also know what I ordered – and that a closer look at the menu will tell you too!

Anyways, have a good week everyone!

Photo a day images:

“Fashion” and “Shadow”
“corner” and “your view” – and a take on perspective
“Words” and “Handwriting”
“My view from here” and “Black and White”
“close up” and “treat”
“Faceless Portrait” and “Sparkle”

Mr Fogg’s Tavern:


The Batarang… and London early morning:


And everything else!!


The Gladiator comedian – Ben HurrHurr
The Wacky, Wild West




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