The week’s creative summary (all)(warning: dissected LEGO characters at the end)

And what a week it’s been! As I was away for the weekend in London, so I had to travel a little lighter this week and one of the sacrifices was the colours from the pen collection. with the Chinese New Year this weekend, I had a theme going:

I’m going to take these again with me next week and hopefully complete them in colour.

The photo-a-day challenge continued successfully, with the following images being presented to the Instagram account:

“in my town” & “New”
“this is mine” & “up”
“what I do” & “drink”
“in the background” & “smile”
“yum!” & “dream”
“a sign” & “Now”
“Smell” & “I can’t live without”
“Shadow” & “celebrate”

Again, those drawings that are in the background of these images will hopefully be coloured in this week too!


Whilst remaining on the subject of art – my entry for the Twitter Art Exhibition (@twitartexhibit #TAE2017) “Be At One” has been received!  This is a wonderful exhibition, this year hosted at Stratford Upon Avon.  Artists donate postcard sized art to the exhibition which is then sold off with all monies going to charity – in this case Molly Olly’s Wishes, a group providing children with terminal and life threatening illnesses with books and toys.


But the toy collection wasn’t ignored this week either 🙂  I received a number of custom printed items this week in readiness for the Chinese New Year, including the lanterns, chinese symbols and that torso (from but also some excellent printed tiles for grass and decking (from The map and compass directions came from Ebay.




Finally, I also got into some toy destruction (purists, look away now!).  Brick sanity produced a Jason Freeny-style print of Batman, half cut away… and yet somehow it needed something a little extra.  So, armed with a Dremel I carefully removed the arm plug from a Lego skeleton so the skeleton arm would hang correctly, split an old worn clean yellow head and a skeleton head and glued them together and cut the batman mask in half… producing:



Have a great week everyone!


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