The weekend collection (all)

Artwise, it’s been an interesting week.  On my Instagram feed I started a “photo a day” challenge, where you upload an image based on the theme that was presented.  I’m trying to not take the seed thoughts too literally and am trying to incorporate Lego, or art whenever feasible.  So the start of the week had the seed thought of “path” and rather than just take a photo of a path, I drew one:



I was also able to pack my box of colours this week, so managed to colour in the images I started last week:

Out and about in London, I found that they had turned the advertising board off in Piccadilly Circus. This will be the longest they have been off since the 1940s! (

But armed with a blank space, I took and edited a couple of pictures:

I speculated that “Eraser” had been responsible
“this space is intentionally blank”
“Your ad here” or not…


Mr Eraser also appeared in a couple of other images this week; one when I used my custom Lego drawing equipment and once when I reproduced the scene from “The Lego Movie” when Bad Cop has his Good Side removed with “the fleece covered sword of Q-Tip and the Polish of Na-eel”:

Almost finally, I also started a second Photo-a-day challenge; but rather than upload two pictures each day I decided to merge the seed thoughts into one image:

The two seeds where “Bag” and “Nature”
Seed thoughts were “Listen” and “Something White”
Seeds for this were “Still” and “Grow”. I decided “Still Growing” made sense!

Finally, before I headed for home I saw the weekend challenge of “despicable criminals” – a fun set of criminals for Batman to do battle with.  I thought of two:

Mr Heat – who’s weapon of choice is a heat blaster and will go round melting your ice cream, making Mr Freeze seem like someone you’d want to meet…


I also came up with the duo of LadderBoy and The Black Cat.  These two work together to block your path – no-one wants to walk under a ladder, or cross the path of a black cat….


Together, they all make up the League of Frustration – a group determined to make your day just a little bit rubbish…


So that’s my art and creativity for this week!  Not sure what I’ll be showing you next week as I’m working with a reduced colour palette again next week during the week… but I’ll share anyway!

Have a great week everyone!


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