This week I have mostly been Batman (all)


By that, I mean I have been working in black and sometimes very dark grey.

You see this week I had to consider what I was packing in my suitcase – as well as the strike on the underground on Monday I was also staying in a different hotel this week, so I had to be a lot more strict about what I could actually carry.  I didn’t include any running kit, cut down on the number of toys I carried… and only took the line art pigment pens and not the usual collection of colours, coptic felts and other interesting pens I usually have to hand.  I did take my protactor, compass and ruler which gave me some flexibility.

By the end of the week I had started to work with what I had, but at the start I created a couple of art items that I knew I would have to colour at a later point 🙂

My take on a bubble on a Mondrian
two bubbles on a Union Jack
finally a Black and White mandala!
Just nice
for part of a “photo a day” challenge where the subject was ‘leaf’… so this was entitled “(I’m) leaf(ing on a jet plane)”
finished image.

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