Torch and the cat of 9 tales – Day 23 (all)(628 words)

The next morning Betty, Chuck and Torch met in the Station House.  Gail was already there.


“I was thinking” she said. “we need to make sure all the cats know that we want to feed them, so we needed a way of calling them all.  I remembered I had this old sledge and figured that if I mounted the amplifier speaker I could call the cats!”

“let me check something” said Chuck.  He walked up to the sled with the speaker on and gave it a tug. “I reckon that my small sled could pull you and that too.  It’ll be a little slower, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

“We could follow behind, making a breadcrumb trail of biscuits – once the cats start to fall in line, we can use Deefer to move them in the direction we need.”

It didn’t take long for the sled to be coupled up – and with Torch manning the drone helicopter he could see where the giant cats were.  He then told Chuck, who steered the sled round to that part of the town.  Soon, the sled was leading with all the giant cats following behind.  Deefer nudged the slower cats – there were a few moments when the cats hissed back, but Deefer beared his fangs and the cats forgot that they were twice his size and backed down.  Carefully, they encouraged the cats into the alley round the back of the police station and put a high fence in place to hold them in one place.


“Right” said Torch “I’ve got the reverse-o-ray gun; it’s primed and firing in three… two…”

“Hold on a moment” said Gail.  Torch put the ray gun down.  “What is it?” he asked.  Gail pointed to the fence, and Torch saw Shawn looking at the cats.

“Let him through” he said to the policemen holding the fence.

They let Shawn through and he ran up to Max.


“I’m so sorry Max” he said, tears filling in his eyes, “I tried to look after you, but you’re too big for our house.  I’ll see you when you’re smaller.”

Shawn walked towards Torch.  “It doesn’t hurt them, does it?” he asked.

“No Shawn” said Torch. “When Robert De Niro grew again we asked him.  he said it tickled a bit.”

Shawn stood behind Torch and Torch raised the ray gun and fired.


All the cats shrunk down to normal size.  Betty carefully checked each one, making sure it was healthy before putting them into their own cage.  She looked at Shawn.

“Some of these will go back to their owners, others will go to the rescue centre where hopefully they will find new owners.  But that one… I think you’ll want that one.”

She pointed to a small cat.  Shawn’s face lit up and he ran over to it.

“Max!” he cried.  Betty strolled over to Shawn.

“I’ve spoken to your mum. She says they have space for a normal size cat, provided you promise to look after him.”

“Of course I will!” exclaimed Shawn.  “Come on Max, you’re coming home with me!”


When the last cat was placed into the basket, and loaded onto the van, Torch smiled.

“Listen” he said. “Do you hear that?”

“No” replied Betty.  “It’s all quiet!”

“I know” said Torch. “Mew-sic to my ears.”

There was a call from inside the police station.

“Torch…. come and see this.”


Torch stepped inside.  The Chief pointed at the tree.

“Why is that glowing?” he asked.

Day 23.

It’s the sled!  I think it’s Santa’s sled, and I suspect that I could put a present on the back.  With no reindeers in previous advent boxes, I can only assume that it is expected that Deefer will pull it… certainly Bambi the Unicorn refused!




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