Torch and the cat of 9 tales – day 22 (all)(611 words)


“So that’s all the rabbits sorted.”

“Yes, I think it is” replied Chuck. “I had a sweep of the area and couldn’t see any.”

“But what if they were underground, or hiding behind a tree?”

“Frankiewiener had identified that all the mutant rabbits had a mutant element to them that meant that they would give off a trackable signal.  I adapted my camera to pick up the signal – and that signal was readable to up to 50 metres underground, or half a finger depth into custard.”

“But why would custard prevent the signal from being picked up?”

“No idea – but if the rabbits learn this trick we’re in trouble.”

“Wouldn’t they also have to learn how to breath underwater?”

“No – they’d have to learn to breath under custard.  I can still pick up the signal through water.”

“Betty – thank goodness you’re here. Tell me the rabbits are ok!”


“Hello chief! Yes, I’ve checked them over and they all seem fine.”

“But what about Scoop? Did you check him?”

“Yes – oddly, he was really happy about it; he couldn’t wait to get to his keyboard and start writing about it all!”

“That’s got to be an interesting thing to see! Is anyone taking him home – it’ll take him ages!”

“Yes that’s sorted” said Betty. “I’ve put him in one of my cup holders in the car so I don’t lose him and I’ll take him home.  He tells me that a neighbour has got a spare key – which is going to be handy as Scoop’s is really small now!”

“So that’s all the rabbits sorted” said Torch. “But that’s not everything.  We’ve still got the cats to deal with. Come on, let’s go back to the station and come up with some ideas.”

2016-12-19 16.12.52.jpg

They hadn’t been in the station very long when Chuck arrived.

“I’ve had an idea” he said.  “I don’t think the drone idea will work for the cats as it did for the rabbits, but perhaps we can recreate the Pied Piper of Hamelin.”

With that, he switched on his radio controller and flicked a switch. A small sled slid up to them.

“My neighbour has cats and tells me that they love special treat biscuits.  So, if we can get some particularly good ones, perhaps the cats will follow them and we can trap them down an alley and repeat what we did!”

“Good idea!” said Torch.

“Yes…” said the Chief “but my experience is that cats don’t do everything as expected.  Trying to get them together will be … well, it’ll be like herding cats!”

Chuck smiled.

“Let me see if this works.  I have a couple of dog biscuits here and I see Deefer* is over there.  Let’s put the biscuits on here and test.”

“Should be interesting” said Torch. “Deefer is highly trained, so he shouldn’t… just… good grief!”

Chuck whizzed the little sled past Deefers nose.  Deefer’s ears pricked up immediately and chased after the biscuits!  Soon, Chuck was putting all his skills into swerving the sled this way and that as Deefer chased and barked happily.

“I’ve seen enough!” smiled Torch. “Let him have his rewards!”

Chuck stopped the sled and Deefer chomped the biscuits.

“Well done!” said Torch.


Day 22

It’s Deefer and feeding bowl /trough thing (it’s in the background behind Torch).  I do like the printing on Deefer and the curled tail on the back is really cute!


As a special bonus… here’s Scoop writing his chapter!




*I’m pretty sure that I used Deefer in an advent story line a few years back with Chuck, so it isn’t shoe horning the dog into the story.  If you didn’t get it… D for Dog!


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