Torch and the cat of 9 tales – day 21 (all)(644 words)




“YES – BUT WHY ARE WE SHOUTING?” Torch shouted back.

“BECAUSE… because we’re in a helicopter and you can never hear yourself in them!”

“Okay… but what’s with the whack-a whack-a whack-a?”

“Well that’s the noise that a helicopter makes.”

“But we haven’t taken off yet… you haven’t even turned the engine on and sat down!”

“And now you’ve spoiled the whole scene setting!” harumphed the major and stomped off towards the cockpit.

“AND I’M KEEPING THE GUN!” Torch shouted after him.


Soon, they spotted a clearing that looked perfect for rounding up the rabbits.  The Major altered his Troops – “not my best men, they had already gone home for the holidays” – and they quickly arrived with the fence.  They also erected a small tree with a flashing light on top so that both Chuck and the Major could use it as a beacon in shepherding the rabbits.


In another field, Chuck finished his last checks.  Even though it was just a switch on, clip on the carrot and launch, he did like to go through all the controls and radio communications.  He’d spent two months in evening classes learning how to be a radio operator and this was his chance to put all that into practice.

He launched and directed the drone towards the rabbits.  He’d carefully worked out how he could keep the CCTV camera working as well as dangle the carrot – so it didn’t take long before Chuck saw the first rabbit in his view screen.


“Hello carrot!” said Colin.  “You look very tasty and I’m quite hungry.  Can I eat you please?  Oh, hey, come back here…”

Very soon, Chuck had rounded up the rabbits.

2016-12-19 15.34.18.jpg
I see you have the PokemonGo Virtual reality switched on….

The soldiers threw a few carrots into the holding area and the rabbits started to eat them.

“This carrot tastes funnnnnyyyyyyyy” said Colin. “itttssss m-m-making me feel alllll whooozyyy…..”

Within a few moments, each of the rabbits decided that it was time to lie down and soon the field was echoing to the gentle snoring of rabbits.

“Right” said Torch to the major in the helicopter, “The sleeping potion is working.  That should buy us an extra few minutes if we need it.”

“Ok” replied the Major. “Let me get my soldiers out of the way – they’re on guard duty tomorrow and I won’t have the Brigadier thinking I’ve got Leprechauns patrolling the base… again.”

Torch looked at the Major quizzically – but decided that he might follow up on that after all this was over.

“I’ve had confirmation that all soldiers are out of the way.  Commence when ready!”

“Thank you Major.  Clipped in, safety line connected to gun, side door opened!”  The door slid with a clunk.  “Door locked open.  Leaning out, weapon primed and switches in correct positions.  Firing in Three… Two… One….”

On the ground, a lone man suddenly broke cover from the tree line and ran into the open field.  His camera clicked away wildly as he watched the reverse-o-ray gun do its thing.  “This will be front page of the National Geographic!” Scoop cried enthusiastically.


In the helicopter, Torch was starting to see what the ray gun could actually do. From single sniper shots he realised that the gun was able to continually fire… and it wasn’t until it was far too late to do anything about it when the ray beam caught Scoop squarely in the line of fire.


Day 21

It’s the tree.  To be honest, I still prefer the spindly one we got earlier in the advent box!  That said, from a Lego perspective it’s nice to get the green slopes as they can be useful in building earth banks.


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