Torch and the cat of 9 tales – day 20 (all)(434 words)


“Look, I still think that it’s in the interest of national security that I take that gun.”

“Major Kaos, we’ve been through this already – please can we move on.  You will be flying the helicopter, I will fire the reverse-o-ray gun.”


“But it still doesn’t answer the question as to how we round up the rabbit!” said the Chief.  “We don’t really know how much energy gets used in one blast, how long it takes to charge or indeed what the scope of the gun is! All we have done so far is single point and click!”

“He’s right” said the major.  As a minimum, if we could round up the rabbits I could deploy ground troops to fence them in.”

“That would make sense” said Torch.  “Once we’ve rounded them all up, it’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel!”

“Except they’ll be rabbits not fish… and it’s a pen, not a barrel.”

“It’s an expression.”

The major coughed to interrupt the Chief before he could get much further.  “So we have a helicopter for the gun – but how do we encourage the rabbits?”

“What we need is a carrot to dangle…” said Torch.

“Don’t you mean you need a… hang on – that’s exactly what we need to do!” the Chief cried. “All we need to do is dangle a carrot and the rabbits will follow it! It’ll be like… like… the three wise men!”

“Except the rabbits will be Frankiewiener’s Monsters rather than frankinsense!”

“But… the rabbits have eaten all the carrots.” the Chief huffed.

Suddenly there was a POP! FLASH! ZOOM! and two mysterious parcels appeared.  Torch picked one up.

“Luke…” he breathed heavily. “I know what you’re getting for Christmas… I’ve felt your presents…”

The Chief smiled.  “I bet you’ve been waiting about twenty days to use that old star wars joke!”

The Chief snatched the present out of Torch’s hand and opened it up.

(That’s the problem with action shots… you can sometimes get things in the capture you didn’t expect to see… like a Nurgle…

“It’s a Carrot!!!” he exclaimed.  “Now we need to dangle it from something!”

There was a voice from the back of the room.

“We could hang it from a drone!  Even a large carrot might be within tolerance – I can round them up like a sheep dog… if the rabbits were in fact sheep…”


“What an excellent idea!” said Torch.  “Major, round up your Troops, then we’ll fly over the holding area whilst Chuck rounds up the rabbits!”

Day 20

It’s the presents.  I don’t recall round presents before, which is an interesting twist.



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