Torch and the cat of 9 tales – day 19 (all)(456 words)


“I brought the military grade arctic fridge as you asked” said Major Kaos. “Although to be honest it’s no different from anyone else’s fridge. Is Santa really going to use it?”

“I have no idea” replied Torch. “But trust me, that request seems way more normal than what I’m about to ask you to help with.”

“Then you’d better read me in on the situation.”

“OK” said Torch. “Once upon a time…”

“That’s not what ‘read me in’ means.  Are you trying to be funny?”

The Chief piped up.  “Well, he is trying… very trying…”

Torch smiled.  “Give me a second to make a couple of calls, and I’ll make sure you understand the situation….”


After about 30 minutes, Major Kaos  was brought up to speed.  Chuck was able to show the video footage of the rabbits in the wild and how they were behaving.  He also noted that in one or two cases, some of the rabbits had been injured – and that other animals were starting to show similar growth issues as they fed on the meat.

Dr Frankiewiener showed Major Kaos the reverse-o-ray gun.  It took a lot of effort for Torch to convince the Major that just this once they were not in a position to just take the weapon away “for national security” but that actually it was needed here – and now.  But although the Major wanted to just not believe it at all, he couldn’t get the image out of the small rabbit being made huge (and introducing itself to the Major, calling himself Robert De Niro) and then being shrunk down again to small size.  Torch quietly told everyone that they would not tell the children that they had just experimented on Robert again.

“But..” said the Major, his mouth open.

“So”, said Torch, “This is our problem and why we need your help.  We did try and mount the reverse-o-ray gun on Chuck’s chopper,  but it’s too heavy.  We wondered if you had anything larger?”

The Major thought and responded quickly. “We only have one gun, and I think it would take too long to get more – and most of us have already sent our lists to Father Christmas so we wouldn’t be able to get any more in time.  Chuck’s chopper drone is pretty impressive and I’m not sure our larger drone would be quiet enough.  However, we do have a stealth helicopter…  The challenge will be how do we get all the rabbits close enough together that we can get them all?”


Day 19

It’s the fridge thing.  Personally, I think that was a bit of a filler present as it doesn’t tie in to christmas or the firemen… but that’s my opinion.  At least we have more cookies.


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