Torch and the cat of 9 tales – day 16 (all)(600 words)

Back out in the field, Chuck was using the helicopter to find the rabbits.  From his small screen on the controls, he saw something moving in the distance, so started to carefully turn the helicopter drone to fly towards it.  The small speaker on the controls started to buzz.

“Oh blast” said Chuck “the silent running must be starting to f… what the..!”


The buzzing sound suddenly got very loud and a black shape swooped across the front camera.  Reacting instantly, Chuck turned the helicopter to see what it was.  He’d hoped it was a bird – but it wasn’t – it was a radio controlled plane!

Torch was standing close by when Chuck exclaimed, so was able to see the small screen and what had just happened.  He hushed Chuck and listened.

“There’s a sound from other there” he said quietly. “I’ll go and check it out.”

He walked from one clearing and to the next.  He could see someone in the field, who was muttering to himself, before carefully landing a small black plane.


“Hey!” said Torch “You nearly crashed our helicopter!”

“Well that serves you right for getting in the way of my news story!”

“Your news story? Are you the one reporting on the rabbits?”

“Yes, that’s me” said the writer. “They call me ‘Scoop’ because I always get the scoop on what’s new!”

“But you’re hampering an official investigation – and causing panic in the town!”

“The public have a right to know! And I’m the one to tell them!”

“Yes… but you don’t know that they’re killer rabbits, do you? In fact, I don’t think you know anything about the facts to tell anyone – you’re making things up!”

“But… but… you’re just a fireman!”

“Ah, don’t let the uniform fool you.  As well as a fireman, I’m also a volunteer policeman – so I’m telling you to tone down the stories to the facts that you do know.”

“So – do you know anything more about them that you would like to tell the readers?”

“No – because I don’t have all the facts either.  There are large rabbits and we are investigating.”

“But how did they get to be so big? Are they a danger to the public? What about the carrots – is this a repeat of Brusselsgate a few years back?”

“I am not going to give you any information.  It is not a repeat of the incident you mentioned.  I’m just warning you to just report the facts you know… and keep your radio controlled plane away from our investigations.”

Torch turned and started to walk back to Chuck.  Scoop called after him…

“So this is a cover up?  You’re hiding something? It’s a conspiracy!!”

Well that’ll be reported well tomorrow, thought Torch.


Back in the Station House, the Chief was just finishing up with Filthy Phil the Butcher.

“And you promise you won’t do this again.”

“No, guv; all the meat’s been thrown out.”

“And I can trust you.”

“On me mother’s.”

“Your mother passed away last year Phil.”

“Oh, yeah.  Well, Dib dib.”  Phil made the Scout sign.  Chief sighed.

“Just don’t let me catch you.”

“You won’t.”


Day 16

It’s the plane! Over the last couple of years, of the presents that have come from the advent calendar, I would say that the micro builds (this year so far it’s been the helicopter and the plane, last year was a digger and a train) are the most interesting and fun.  I think it’s because the builds have been quite clever to use key parts in a way that makes it very obvious what it is.



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