Torch and the Cat of 9 tales – Day 15 (all)(754 words)

Chuck’s drone quickly got to the lake, just as the strange man was packing up and getting into his van.

“Let’s just see where he goes” said the Chief.  Keeping at a height, they followed the van back into the city.  The van parked up and the man walked over to another, much stranger man.  He was strange in that even though it was cold he had a sleeveless shirt – and a very tall top hat.

“Filthy Phil!” exclaimed the Chief. “Why am I not surprised that he’s involved?”

“Filthy Phil?” asked Chuck.

“Yes – he used to be the town’s best butcher and he probably still is.  But he started to sell more exotic and unusual meats and tried to pass them off as something else.  Much as he did manage to control the rodent population it was a long time before anyone felt that they could eat Rat-a-touey again!  Right, let me go and have a word!”


The hot dog sales man walked up to Phil.  “Not bad takings today – some of the kids ate the ‘Rabbit Dogs’ and loved them! They’ll go down a storm at the Frost Fayre!”  He handed over a thick pile of notes.

“Laaverly” said Phil, “That just warms me cockles.  Right me old China, let’s go and have a beer!”

It was at that moment that the Chief made his entrance.

“Hello Phil – keeping busy?”

“Oh, lawks – it’s the cops!” cried the sales man. “I’m off!”


“… and where are you going, Phil?”

Phil stepped behind the glass.

“Sorry, we’re closed… stock taking!” he said.


“Come on Phil, there’s no doors and you’re not fooling anyone.”

“Oh, it’s a fair cop.  Alright guv’nor, I’m coming.  Hey – what are you doing back here?! Clear orf!”

At that moment, a large rabbit appeared and with a “THWIP!” Phil slapped the back of the rabbit that scampered off.

Scurrier still doesn’t like the cold.  Or the rabbits.  He does like Phil though.

“Hey!” cried the Chief.  “You there! Stop!” he ran after the rabbit who stopped and turned.

“Are you talking to me?” said the rabbit.

“Yes, De Niro” replied the Chief.  “Stay there – I need to take you to the station along with … oh, blast, Phil’s run off.  He’s taken his shop too and I didn’t make a note of the door number – I’ll never find it now.”


Back in the station house, Timmy approached Torch.

“Torch, we’re both really grateful that you are helping, but I know that Pauline is scared. Is there anything we can do?”

“Well” replied Torch, “we could always have giant Christmas pizzas?”

“Christmas pizzas?” asked Timmy.

“Yes” replied Torch, “Deep Pan, Crisp and Even!”

Constable Lodge coughed politely.

“Torch, I think I’ve fathomed out how to use the gun.  It wasn’t easy – you were right, the elves wrote the manual.  Luckily they had decent pictures so I could make sense of the instruction ‘switch to the green line to be happy with your biggening and turn to the 3 for the mini enhance of control and destiny’.  But I think I can give it a go now.”

“Ok” said Torch. “But let’s not try it on a living thing first.  I’ve got a Snowman we can try”.

They lined up the snowman and Lodge got the gun ready.




“Do you think anyone will notice that it’s changed hat colour?” asked Lodge.

“Nah, I think we’re good” said Torch. “Hit it again!”



“Well that worked” said Lodge.  “But I’m not sure if it didn’t just melt it.”

At that point, the Chief walked in with a giant rabbit.

“Robert here has agreed to be a guinea pig… well, rabbit.”

Robert walked over to the centre of the rug.





2016-12-13 22.42.00.jpg

“That worked!” exclaimed Lodge.

“Yes” replied Torch, “but we’d better look after Robert for a short while to make sure that it is a permanent change.  I’ll get Pauline to look after him – I think both she and Timmy could do with a distraction.”

“Oh no!” exclaimed the Chief. “We may need to do something quicker… look what’s just appeared on the city website!”

It was a single line.  Nobody needed to read the article.


“Well, there’s nothing like reporting the facts”

“Quite and he really hasn’t reported any here!”


Day 15

It’s the small shop front!  A fun little build but without the other walls it’s not wholly useful.  But those clear glass bricks will be useful.

Phil is a custom figure from Citizen Brick.




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