Torch and the cat of 9 tales – day 14 (all)( 826 words)

Shawn was feeling a little disheartened.  He’d promised Timmy and Pauline that he would meet them at the lake, but when he got there the man at the hot dog stand said that they had left about five minutes before.  Seeing that Shawn was upset, the man gave him one of his hot dogs so he would at least be warmed up.  As Shawn walked home, he heard a mewing sound, and instinctively said “come here!” expecting a small cat to come out from beneath the hedge.  He didn’t expect the huge cat to come from through the middle.

“Max!” he cried.  “Are you out here on your own?  Are you hungry?  You are – okay, here, have my hot dog!”


He put it on the ground and Max slurped it down in one go.  He gave a sneeze as the mustard made itself known.  With a huge purr, he pushed his head against Shawn.  Realising that Max wasn’t about to go home, Shawn walked with max back to his own house.

“You can’t come inside as I don’t think my mum has really prepared the house for you” he explained. “But you can sleep in the barn – I think it will be big enough – even for you!”

In the Station House, things weren’t as happy. Pauline was in tears, made worse by overhearing Chuck’s comments about them being “FrankieWiener’s monsters”.  But Chuck did apologise – and offered Pauline his handkerchief, which seemed very very small in Pauline’s hands.  Timmy knelt down to talk to Torch.


“We can’t go home like this… I know Pauline is scared and frankly I am too.  I saw the film Big on the vintage TV channel, so I know how this could go.”

The Chief bridled a bit about the film being on the vintage channnel.  “I know the film was back in 1988, but that’s hardly vintage!”

“Not really important right now” said Torch. “Timmy, Pauline, I have an idea.  Why don’t you phone your parents and say that you’re helping us at the station with something very important.  Because it is important, and secret, you’re going to stay here with us.  Gail will also stay here so it’s not just the Chief and me.  Dr Frankiewiener will work to try and sort this out… won’t you… oh no! No no no no!”

Torch turned to see the doctor lining up his next practice target.

“Gail – can you take the children and make suitable arrangements? Tell the parents I’ll give them a call in about five minutes to explain in more detail.  Just don’t tell them what’s actually happened – they’ll tell the papers and cause a panic.”

Torch turned to the doctor.


“What the heck are you about to do?”

Trevor paused.  “Well I twisted this nubbin, flicked this doo-dah and wound up the oojamaflip.  It must work this time.”

“But it’s a normal sized duck! You’ll shrink it and it won’t be able to see over the bowl!  It’ll be a Peeking Duck!”

“Quack!” said the Duck.

Trevor put the gun on the ground and sighed. “I’ve no idea what to do. I’m useless, this is rubbish and it’s all my fault.”

The Chief stepped up. “Yes, it is your fault and for the moment, go and stand over in the corner and think about what you’ve done.  Torch, the children have told me that they had eaten a couple of hot dogs from a vendor down at the lake.  He’s not on the list for vendors this time of year and right now it sounds like something worth checking out.  Constable Lodge – do you have a tablet?”

Lodge stepped forward. “I have some headache tablets – will they do? Oh, you mean a computer tablet – yes, I have one of those.  Actually it’s the one that gets issued to sailors… it’s an Aye-Aye Pad!”


“Oh very good” replied Torch. “Can you look up the manual for the reverse-o-ray gun and see what the settings need to be to shrink things?  I’m sure that there will be a manual; I just hope that Nurgle didn’t get one of the junior elves to write it… they’re not very good with writing these things.”


Chuck walked over to the Chief.

“Before you go Chief, I thought I’d show you my drone.  I’ve kitted it out with a camera, so we can see live as it flies over and it’s also equipped with a super-high intensity beam like the proper police helicopters have.  Oh, and it’s got a speaker so you can track them.”

“Won’t they hear it? Drones can be really noisy!”

“Ah – not this one – it has a silent running setting so if it’s far enough away, no-one will hear it at all.”

“Brilliant” said the Chief.  “Come along – we can start to track them before they know what’s going on.”


Day 14

It’s the helicopter!  For the few parts that make up the overall build, it is quite robust and swooshable (technical term)


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