Torch and the cat of 9 tales – day 13 (all)( 683 words)


The three of them stood looking at the lamp post.

“They’re both starting to glow” said Trevor. “Does that mean they don’t have an answer?”

“I’ve no idea” replied Torch. “This is all very new to me!”

Slowly the green wreath started to glow brighter and the red bauble dulled.

“They’ve agreed!” exclaimed Trevor. “I’m getting my Christmas present early! Woo hoo!”

“But only because you were very sorry and that you will sort out your problem with it.”

“yeah, yeah.. that too.  But early Christmas present…woo h- OW!”

Trevor stepped back and kicked the mysterious box that was now behind him.

“That wasn’t there before” he said.  The Chief looked at him.

“Well, you’d better open it!”


Trevor opened the box.

“It’s the ray gun!  I guess we’d better test it!”

With that, he rushed out of the room, then rushed back in with a small rabbit that he placed on the top of the box.

“What are you doing?” asked the Chief. “Don’t you think you ought to read the manual first?”

“Manuals are for losers” said Trevor. “I just point, shoot, and we get Dinky Rabbit!”


He pointed the gun.



“Uh oh” said Trevor.


“STOP!” cried the Torch and the Chief Together.


The rabbit blinked.  He looked at Trevor, Torch and the Chief, said “Good day!” and then hopped over to the door, opened it and ran out.

“Did that rabbit just say ‘good day’?” asked the Chief.

“It must have been a setting thing.” said Trevor. “Ah, there’s a switch here.  I’ll flick that – there you go – and it should work now.”

Before the Chief could say ‘Stop.. read the manual before you test your guess on another animal’ Trevor was back with a cat.  It too got put on the box, and fired at.




“Excuse me” said the cat. “Do you have any milk I could drink please?  Why are you looking at me like that? I ask you this all the time and you always understand me.  Don’t worry, I’ll go and get some.”

The cat hopped down from the box, walked up to the door, and opened the latch.

“Hello” said the cat to the stranger, who had their hand close to the door handle on the other side. “Nice day for a stroll, don’t you think?”

The cat then strolled off.

The stranger walked into the station house.

“I… I… did you… is it a special robot or something?”

“Chuck!” exclaimed the Chief. “You’ve got here in time!”

“yes.. yes… but… ”

The Chief turned to Torch.

“This is my brother Chuck. He flies drones for a living – I figured that he could help us with our animal problem.  I hadn’t told him why we needed him urgently… but I guess he’s now sort of up to speed!”

“Pleased to meet you Chuck.  Let me fill you in … and yes, that was a giant talking cat; and actually that one is new to us too.”


Outside, Pauline and Timmy were walking back from the lake.

“That was fun I .. oh, I don’t feel very well” said Timmy.

“What is it?” replied Pauline. “actually, oh, my tummy hurts.  It must have been the hot dogs.  Timmy, what’s happening?”

“Pauline – you’re changing… you’re growing….”


Back inside the station, after several large mugs of tea, and finally stopping Chuck to stop slapping himself and saying ‘this must be a dream’ they explained the issue and the help that they needed.

“Well I reckon I can help with that” said Chuck.  “Still seems mighty weird though.”

“Don’t worry” said the Chief.  “That’s about as weird as it’s going to get.”

There was a knock at the door – and a head peered round.

“Excuse me, Chief, Torch… my friend and I need your help.”


“That was as bad as it gets?” said Chuck. “Seems like that may be an understatement!”

Day 13.

It’s Chuck!  Chuck comes with some kind of radio controller, so based on the picture on the cover of the box, I guess that there will be some kind of radio controlled thing… or I’ll make one.


Authors note:

I am really enjoying breaking out the toy box for these.  The ray gun was a custom gun that I bought from a Lego show a little while back.  Big Timmy was a Technic figure that I’ve had for quite a while now – and Big Pauline came from a Lego Belville set that I bought at a car boot sale.   (Belville was something that Lego brought out in 1994-2009 aimed at girls… the forerunner to the Friends range)

Little Rabbit and Rabbit were from the Friends range, Big rabbit was also a Belville character.  Huge Bunny is from the collectible “Naughty Bunnies” range.  The Big cat was a purchase from eBay 🙂


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