Torch and the cat of 9 tales – Day 12 (all)(925 words)

It took Torch and the Chief a little while to get Trevor to come to the station.  Being a scientist, he didn’t believe that Father Christmas was a real person, or that there was indeed a small elf called Nurgle.  He especially didn’t believe that there would be a magic tree that would project a tribunal into the Station House.

The Chief offered to handcuff Trevor and just take him down to the Station, but Torch realised that Trevor had to be truly sorry so that they could get the ray gun.

“Trevor; listen to me.  You need to come down to the station so that we can sort this out!”

“You’re mad – and hoping that by telling me weird and strange tales I’ll tag along!”

“Trevor – would you say that gigantic rabbits and the cats on the loose were normal?”

“No – but I’ve seen them… I made them!”

“Yes, quite.  Now, put yourself in the shoes of the citizens of the town – would they believe it would be possible to have giant rabbits… of the size you created?”

“Of course not!”

“So the difference is that you’ve seen them, right?”


“So, if you don’t believe me, come down to the station and let me show you.”

“Well, I’m certainly curious now.”


The tree was in the station house.  Torch put his hand on the tree and suddenly the room changed.

“Good grief!” exclaimed Trevor. “That’s amazing! I must…”

“Just stand there” said the Chief. “This is important to the town’s safety.”

Nurgle walked into the centre.

“Tribunal friends” he started. “There is a problem. Doctor Trevor Frankiewiener has used his scientific knowledge to breed giant rabbits and cats that are damaging the little city of Legolandville, on the outskirts of Bricksburg and neighbouring Heartlake.  Torch here and his friend the Chief think that we should gift Dr. Frankiewiener his christmas present early, which is a device to reverse his scientific experiment.  But of course because the doctor had created something bad he is on the naughty list.”

There were murmurs across all present.  Nurgle raised his hand and there was quiet.  Except one voice.

“Fascinating” said Doctor Frankiewiener. “It’s fascinating that you have managed to project all these characters – a broad spectrum of toys and things resembling humans – and expect me to believe that all this is actually real.”

He reached forward and his hand swiped through the figure of Nurgle.  Nurgle smiled.

“Ah yes… a scientist.  You think this is all a clever projection and that this is all made up.  So tell me, could I do this?”

With that, Nurgle slapped the back of the doctor’s hand.

“Ow!” said Trevor “That hurt… hey! That hurt! how did you do that?”

‘Batman’ spoke. “For a scientist, he’s not very bright is he? I mean, how did he let his experiments escape?”

“Well”, replied ‘Hello Kitty’, “Why doesn’t he explain and let us decide?”

Trevor then explained the situation.  He was surprised at the level of knowledge and inside that the Tribunal had – including some of the tests and chemicals that he had made and used from inside his top secret laboratory.  The tribunal made it clear that as the Tribunal had been convened that it was now not possible for Torch or the Chief to ask for the gift instead – it all relied on the Doctor and how his case was received.  Further questions about the chemical formulas were also raised – and also how the gift would actually help (or hinder) the problem. Eventually, Trevor started to realise that Father Christmas could tell that he had been naughty and that perhaps there was a list.  He also started to realise that perhaps he had deserved to be on the naughty list.

“I’m just really sorry” said Trevor “and I want to put it all right again.”

Nurgle walked off and came back with a lamp post.


“What’s this?” asked Torch.

“This is the decision post” replied Nurgle. “The Tribunal will now discuss the case.  When we have finished our discussions, the first lamp will light.  Then we will each think about our decisions; when we have done that, the second lamp will light.  Finally we will vote.  If the green ring glows we have agreed to gift you the present.  If the red dot glows then we have decided not to gift you the present. There is no appealing this decision.

“As you know, after the end of the year the Naughty and Nice Registers are cleared, but should we face the same problem again then you, Doctor Frankiewiener, may be put on the Permanent Naughty List.”

Torch and the Chief thanked the Tribunal for their time.  Torch added a final note to the Tribunal.

“As you consider whether to gift the Doctor, consider that without this there may be many on the Nice lists that will suffer.”

There was a faint glow and the Tribunal disappeared.

“Well that was weird” said the Chief.

They moved the tree and the lamp post into the corner of the office, where it might attract less attention.  They then stood and looked at the post.

“How long will this take?” asked Trevor.

“No idea” replied Torch. “But look, they’ve just finished their discussions.”

“So now the thinking begins.”

“Yes.  Oh – the second light is lit!”

“That was fast – I wonder if that is good, or bad?”

The three of them stood, looking at the lamp post.


Day 12

It’s the lamp post – quite a neat addition to any christmas scenes… or a way of communicating decisions!

I feel I ought to identify a few characters appearing in todays story.

Citizen Brick produced the head and torso with the mismatched printing; they also produced the guy in the tux. produced the Charlie Chaplin and the anatomical figure.

The unicorn head came from

Hello Kitty head came from a Megabloks set… I ‘customised’ it to fit on a lego body.

All other figures are either full Lego minifigures or are minifigure customs from my toy box.

Donald’s head is from a clone figure that I bought on Ebay before Lego brought out the Disney range.


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