Torch and the Cat of 9 tales – Day 11 (all)(607 words)

“so what you going to do?” the Chief asked Torch, just after Trevor had left. “I don’t recall seeing ‘special scientist able to create ray guns’ on your CV anywhere!”

Torch smiled.

“Nope, you’re right – I don’t have those skills.  But I might be able to get in touch with someone who can.”

“You don’t mean… ”

“Yes, and if the last four years are anything to go by, I reckon he’s waiting on our call.  Pass me the phone.”


Out in the depths of the woods, far from the city, some shadowy characters were watching a very spindly christmas tree.  There were a number of plastic baubles hanging from it and to the untrained eye this looked like the sort of christmas tree that had been in the family for generations, put in the shed after Christmas without really being packed away and then brought out the morning of Christmas Day, usually with the phrase “oh, well, it’s Christmas.”  It was the sort of tree that small offices might have where there was no budget for frivolous baubles – and no-one was going to pay for any for the office.  Anyway, the green bauble started to glow.  Very faintly – but it was enough and one of the small figures shuffled off.


A few moments later, a green figure returned with the small figure.  The one closest to the tree touched the bauble and the remaining figures held hands.  Suddenly, the voice of Torch came from the small white creatures.


“Oh, hi Nurgle.  Umm, I guess you were probably expecting this call … something weird is happening in the town and we need permission for someone to receive an early Christmas present.  I know that decision is usually down to you and The Big Guy – hope he’s keeping well, and Mrs Claus too – but here’s the catch; we’re pretty certain that he’s on the Naughty List.  And that’s the problem.  He’s the only one who can help us.”

In a magical instance, Nurgle was at the Station House and walked out from the Chimney.

“Jiminy Crickets!” cried the Chief.  “Who are you? Did you just come from the chimney?”

Torch smiled.

“Nurgle! good to see you my friend!  I guess you got the message!  Chief – this is Nurgle, Nurgle is Father Christmas’ senior head elf and has helped us and this city, many, many times!”

“Nurgle pleased to see you too” said Nurgle. “Serious problem though; had to speak to Santa.  He’s decided that this is a difficult one, so has convened the council to review the case.  You will need to get the Naughty Person here.  We have a special tree that will project the council meeting here – they can see you, and you can see them.  We meet tomorrow.”

“So you mean there are rules and processes to deal with this sort of thing?” asked the Chief.

“Yes”, replied Nurgle. “We put sections in our rule book.  The Santa Clause, you might call it.”


Back out on the ice, the hot dog seller gave both Timmy and Pauline their hot dogs.

“These taste nice” said Timmy.

“Yes”, replied Pauline, “I don’t think I’ve ever had anything taste quite like it.  I’ve not seen you round here before though.”

The hot dog man spoke. “I’m new to the area.  The hot dogs were made by me using very local incredients, and I’m hoping that I can take them across to Heartlake for their Christmas Frost Fayre.  I was lucky that you were here to try them.”


Day 11

It’s the tree – and I love it!  It is such a spindly tree it’s both weird and cute at the same time!




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