Torch and the Cat of 9 tales – Day 10 (all)(553 words)

It was a short drive out to the woods, and then Shawn followed his trail back to the entrance to the cave.

“You’d better stand back” said Torch “I don’t think your mum would be happy with me if you got hurt.”

Torch reached for his torch.  Or rather, he reached for the place where his Torch would have been if he hadn’t lost this one as well… which was how he got his nickname as he could never hang onto one for very long.  The Chief handed over his torch.

“But I want it back” he said.

They shone the light into the entrance of the cave.  What they didn’t expect was to see so many eyes staring back at them.


“Uh oh”, said Torch quietly, “There are a lot of rabbits in there… and if we spook them, or scare them they will come out.  So be very quiet…”

At that moment a small radio controlled biplane flew over, it’s whining petrol engine making that whining sound that only that kind of engine can… and exactly the sound that will scare a rabbit and make it run.  Unfortunately, as Torch had identified, there were a lot of rabbits in the cave …

Torch grabbed Shawn and jumped to the left.  The Chief jumped to the right and the stampede of rabbits shot through the centre.  The Chief heard the ‘pop’ and the ‘scrunch’ as his torch got trampled.

“Where will they go!?” asked the Chief.


On the ice, Timmy was playing with his friend, Pauline.

“And Gretzky is on the ice, he’s got control, he bypasses Lemieux and the goal is clear. He shoots… he… misses.”

“Ha ha!” laughed Pauline “I don’t think the Calgary Flames have to call you just yet!  Better go and get it though.”

Timmy made his way to the edge of the lake.  He could just reach the puck with his stick which meant he didn’t have to take the skates off.  He reached, but it was just out of reach.  But then, a voice seemed to offer help.

“Hey kid, d’you want your puck?”

“Yes please!”

“Ok –  but here’s the deal. I’ve just opened this Hot Dog stand and business is a little quiet. When you and your friend have finished playing, you come over and have a dog.  They’re a dollar each – but I’ll give you some fries and drink for free.”

Pauline had skated up and heard the whole thing.

“Sounds like a great idea mister. Thanks!”

The man threw the puck onto the ice and the two children skated after it.

“Better get the cookers fired up” said the man.


Back at the station house, Torch had phoned Trevor and asked him to come over.  Torch then explained what they’d found and what had happened.  Trevor listened carefully.  After a while he said,

“What I think I need is a reverse-o-ray gun.  I’ve seen one in the shops, but they are very expensive.  I had put it on my list to Santa… but I guess I’m on the naughty list now and I won’t get one.”

Torch thought for a moment.

“I may be able to do something about that… but if not, you’d better start thinking of a plan B.”


Day 10

Today we get the other skater, Pauline, to keep Timmy company.  In case you hadn’t noticed, Lego use a curve shading on their torsos for many of their female torsos (interestingly, not all).  It is quite subtle, but it’s there. I guess the crash hat may have been a clue too…




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