Torch and the cat of 9 tales – Day 8 (all) (511 words)


They weren’t back at the station before the phone calls started.

“Look” said the Chief “the phones are ringing off their hooks!”

“Yes” replied Torch “It’s a good job we had these old phones – that joke really wouldn’t have worked if we only had mobile phones!”

After about ten minutes of taking calls, making notes and watching their coffee get cold, the phones went quiet. The Chief looked at Torch and said

“I think I can see a pattern.”

“That’ll be the rug” replied Torch. “It’s quite a nice one, isn’t it?”

“No… pattern to the locations of the calls.”

The Chief picked up the stack of papers and walked over to the map of the city.  He started to put green pins where each caller had said that they had seen a giant rabbit and a red pin where some damage had been reported.

“Nope” replied Torch. “I can’t see it – are those dots supposed to look like something?”

“It’s not a dot-to-dot” sighed the Chief. “but it does show the direction that the rabbits seem to be heading.  And it looks like they are heading to Mcready’s grocery shop.”

“Oh not again” sighed Torch. “It’s like 2013 all over again!”

“Yes, but this time it’s ALL the vegetables.  I mean, Christmas without Brussels and Carrots!  Can you imagine??”

“Yes… yes I can” said Torch. “More space for the turkey!  Well, that’s a shame, never mind we did our best…”

“No.” said the Chief. “We are not giving up.  There are still sixteen days to go before christmas.  We can’t let the people down.”

“Are you standing for election next year?” asked Torch.

“No Torch, but not everyone shares the love of Turkey only like you do.  We have to do something.  It’s our job.”


Out in the park, Timmy was skating on the ice.  He was waiting for his friend to join him and so was absent mindedly hitting the puck around.  He looked up and saw a giant rabbit standing in front of him, with a half eaten carrot.  The rabbit looked at Timmy, then gently nudged the carrot.


Timmy gently drew the carrot onto the ice, skated away and with a sharp turn, skated back and with a “THWIP!” launched the carrot.  The rabbit watched the carrot as it flew through the air, then ran after it.  Then, after nibbling a little, it brought it back and dropped it by the side of the ice.

With a small THWIP!  I had to get a Scurrier to hold the sign.  He complained about the cold. And the rabbit. And holding a sign that said ‘THWIP!’

Timmy forgot about his friend and he and his new friend, Thumper, played catch and fetch with the carrot.


Day 8

Today is Timmy and the ice hockey stuff.  It’s a neat enough little figure, I just wished that Lego had worked out how they could articulate the short legs.

The giant rabbit in the story is called a “Labbit” and is produced by a designer called “Kidrobot” who specialises in these type of toys.


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