Torch and the cat of 9 tales – Day 7 (all)(699 words)


Shawn met Torch and the Chief outside the now not-so-secret laboratory. Torch explained to Shawn how they’d put a tracker on the giant cat – but Torch was also careful to praise Shawn for his quick thinking, but to tell him off a little for just jumping on the cat and riding him home.

“It was very brave, but you don’t really know where he was going to go.”

“I know – but I wanted to do something.”

The Chief stepped in.

“So, Shawn, the cat has gone in that building?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“And hasn’t come out?”

“Haven’t seen him yet.”

The chief turned to Torch.

“I could do with your help right about now.”

Torch looked at Shawn.

“I could tell you to go home, or to wait here… but I doubt that you would do either of those things. So I’ll say this: stay behind us whenever you can, and make sure you know that you can always get outside.”

Shawn nodded and the three of them walked up to the door.

Inside, Trevor was trying hard to work out what he could do.  He knew that he’d had yet another escaped pet – and that his first pet, Fluffykins, was now front page news on the town’s news website.  He wasn’t quite ready for the knock on the door.

“No cookies!” he cried out “I haven’t finished the last lot!”

“Open up please sir”

“Nope, no sir here… just the … just the ghost of the house! Wooo!!!”

“Try again sir; please open up.”

“I can’t!  I’m a ghost… I can’t hold things!”

“What, like that coffee cup? Sir, we are looking at you through the window. Please open up, or I will have to break what looks like a brand new door down.”

Faced with another broken door, Trevor decided to let them in.


“Dr Trevor FrankieWiener at your service.”

“Sir, do you know anything about a giant cat?”

“No, no I don’t.”

“You don’t know anything about a giant cat that is standing behind you, waving at me right now?”

“Oh, THAT, giant cat!  Yes, I know about that. I thought you meant the escaped giant rabbits.”

“Sir, what giant rabbits?”

“Oh… oh.  Umm…. nothing! Yes, I know about the cat.”

Torch rubbed his chin.

“Doctor, I’m going to assume that CAT MAXIMUS here…”


“Okay, Fluffykins, here, was assisted by you in becoming the size he did?”

“Correct.  I was working on something and he drank some.  Quite a lot actually – and that’s why he’s as big as he is.”

“What is it you do here?”  Asked the Chief.

“I make special chemicals.”

“Such as?”

“Well, remember that outbreak of pirates we had last summer?  I developed a special spray that made them all disappear.  I called it ‘Arrrgon'”


“Have you started on the christmas crackers already?” asked Torch.

“Ok” said the Chief. “But explain the cat.”

“Well, I was working on a special formula to create a brand new element for the periodic table.  It had to be kept stable in a solution, so I put it in the big container behind you.  Unfortunately, Fluffykins knocked it over and the lid came off.  Because it was quite a smelly liquid, I added some strawberry flavouring – and well, I found fluffykins quite liked it.”

“So, does this new element have a name?”

“Yes” replied Trevor, “I called it ‘Ahaventthoughofityetium’ and I gave it the code ‘Ah'”.

“I see” replied Torch. “It’s the element of surprise.”

Shawn tapped the Chief on the leg.

“Excuse me Chief, Torch but there’s something you need to see.”

“What Shawn?”

“Well, my school has the same small, open cages on the shelf over there.  We keep the school rabbits in them.  But these are open.”

Torch looked at Trevor, who nodded.  Torch looked at the Chief.

“Chief, we may have a problem. Fluffykins is one large cat – but if Shawn is right and there were two rabbits… two now escaped, giant rabbits…”

“We’re going to need bigger carrots?”

“No… we’re going to need a lot more than just two cages to catch them all!”


Today’s advent present

Was the ballustrade.  Not the most exciting of presents, but useful in scene building. As I proved in the first picture!


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