Torch and the Cat of 9 Tales – Day 6 (all)( 684 words)


“I’M BACK!!!!” cried Torch. “Did you miss me?”

The Chief spun round and almost fell over.  “I’d started to worry I was going to be the lead character in this story!” he said. “Where have you been?  Nice shoes though!”

“I’ve had an amazing holiday” explained Torch. “I went to Europe – I’d heard about this famous cobblers who used to make shoes for all the Kings and Queens of Europe.  Each one is stitched with the strongest thread on the softest but most hard wearing leather there is.  Reputedly there are work boots made by this business that are over 90 years old and still look like they were only just made.”


“Yes – they were made for a King Wenzel who ran his own principality.”

“Are they comfortable?”

“Yes – the cobbler brought out all these lasts that they use to make the shoes on so he could get the perfect fit.  And interestingly, the one that worked best for me was Good King Wenzel’s last.”



Back in the secret laboratory, Trevor had a problem.  He hadn’t expected Fluffykins to return but had also hoped that the secret formula he had made would have also worn off by now.  This was a particular worry as he’d used the same formula (in smaller amounts) on a few other animals – and whilst they were not as big as Fluffykins, they were still quite large.  They had also broken out of the cages.  As well as cats, Trevor had also tried the formula on a couple of rabbits too.  Currently they were running round the living room and without any formal house training, were leaving “little presents” all over the place.  Fortunately, Trevor had adapted his automatic hoover so that it could act like a pooper scooper and it scuttled round the floor clearing up as fast as it could.

“I really ought to put better catches on these locks” he thought.  Fortunately, he had thought to just replace the front door and not put a cat flap back in it, so it was just a matter of getting the cats back into the secure room and closing the door.  But once he’d started to get the cats and rabbits to go in the direction he’d wanted, one would dart off and the rest would follow.

“It’s like herding cats” Trevor thought.

Finally though, all the cats were in the secure room and he closed the door.  He quickly built a small cage around that door so it would act like a safety cage – provided he didn’t open both doors at the same time, he could get into the secure room and feed them.  Looking through the window to the room, he did a head count.

“… six… seven… seven… eight… oh stay still… eight… uh oh.”

He realised that whilst he now had all the cats back in the lab, two of the rabbits were missing.  He felt a breeze on the back of his neck – and realised that the living room window was slightly open.  Open enough for two larger than usual rabbits to escape.

“Oh this is not good” thought Trevor. “I’m going to get in trouble for this for sure!”.


Day 6

Day 6 brings us the automatic pooper scooper.  I’m quite pleased that they chose to use white discs for the “little presents” as it makes photography a little easier.  Ok, I know it’s supposed to be a shovel and the ball joint on the back will clip onto a vehicle.


It was just pointed out to me that we already had the vehicle – it was the skidoo!  Here’s a picture of me having it explained.  It’s quite embarrassing to have these things explained to you by a Nexo Scuttler!



Author note:

I’ll admit that this year I am not writing a chapter each day – in some cases I will write a few and schedule them – as was the case over the last five episodes, when I had left my lead character at home rather than bringing him with me.  But now, he’s in with the rest of the cast and we’re good to go 🙂


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