Torch and the Cat of 9 Tales – Day 5 (all)(511 words)

Max started to look down.  What he saw wasn’t a small collection of emergency services people.  What he saw was a small collection of emergency services people and a whole load of other people starting to congregate.  Having just focused on the cat, the Chief sensed that there was something else going on behind him – and almost jumped when he saw the size of the gathering crowd.

Shawn pushed his way to the front of the crowd and Chief bent down to speak to him.

“How did you get to hear – the tin rattling wasn’t that noisy?”

Shawn was quick to reply. “It’s on the town website! Nearly everyone has signed up for text alerts so we’re all here! MAX!” he cried out.

Max looked down and saw Shawn.  He instantly climbed down the tree and jumped on Shawn.  The crowd went “OHHH!!” and then as Max rolled over, they could see Shawn smiling as he was tickling the giant cat’s tummy… where they all went “Ahhhh!”

Betty quickly got close to Max and went to stroke him and check that he was OK.  The purr was deafening – and Betty realised that she still had the microphone on.  But Max had heard the sound of what he thought was another cat and quickly sprung to his feet.


Shawn thought quickly and jumped onto Max’s back. He climbed up to his head and said “Home!”  Max’s ears pricked up and he darted off.    Constable Lodge jumped onto the back of Bambi and they scampered off behind.

“Aren’t you going to follow them?” the Chief asked Betty.

“No need” she replied.  “When I got close enough I stuck a tracker onto Max’s fur – we can find out where he’s gone from that.”

“I’ll give you a lift” said the Fireman, “I’ve brought my Skidoo.”

“But there’s only one seat” said the Chief.

“And?” asked Betty.


The fireman walked up to the Chief.  “Hi, don’t think we’ve met yet.  I’m Felix.  Felix Leiter.”

The chief looked at him curiously.  Felix smiled. “Yes, my parents were big James Bond fans.  Especially my dad, Gary.  His friends called him Gaz.”

“Gaz Leiter?” asked the Chief.

“Yes, do you know him?”

“No… but it was nice to meet you.  OK, you guys go and catch a cat – I need to speak to a reporter.”


Shawn was hanging onto the fur of Max as he ran towards home.  Max dashed into the house – Shawn only just managed to hang on until Max went to hide under a chair – which instead struck Shawn and he fell off.  He looked up at the man standing over him.

“Hello” said Doctor FrankieWiener. “Welcome to my laboratory.”


There are 19 parts in this present!  Okay, only 18 are actually needed, but compared to some of the previous ones, this present is pretty cool! I do like the way that the rear tracks are made up – and that sitting flat the whole skidoo is actually tilted back a little.  For a winter present, this one is probably the most appropriate to date!


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