Torch and the Cat of 9 Tales – Day 4 (all) (534 words)

The chief was almost fast asleep when the call came in.

“No, I can’t eat another giant marshmallow…n’ uh?”  He quickly came to and after checking that all the pillows were still on the bed, he answered the phone.

“What is it?” he asked.  “Really?  No – OK, I’ll see you at the zoo.”

He’d often had weird dreams before when he had thought that someone had phoned him about something peculiar – but they seemed trivial when the words “giant” “cat” “cage” and “escaped” are said from a worried Constable Lodge.

The Chief was quickly dressed and downstairs.  He got into the car and reversed onto the road, before driving off at speed towards the zoo.  What he didn’t see as he turned left was another car switch on its lights and start to follow.

The Chief was at the entrance to the zoo and there was Constable Lodge and Betty.

“How did you get here so quickly?” the Chief asked the Constable.

“Bambi brought me” the Constable replied.  Before the Chief could ask if ‘Bambi’ was the constable’s pet name for Betty, he noticed that Lodge was pointing at the unicorn.

“Fine” said the Chief.  Right now, amongst the giant escaped cat and other weird events that take place at this time of year, this was a perfectly normal form of transport. “Betty, tell me what’s happened.”

“Well Chief, it’s exactly as Constable Lodge explained.  It would seem CAT MAXIMUS has managed to escape from the cage.  It would seem that the head keeper didn’t close the door properly – or possibly the lock was a little old and rusty – but the cat managed to open the door and escape.”

“Did we get any footage of the escape?”

“We’re just checking the CCTV now Chief.  It’s a clever cat though – it would have had to be quite stealthy to escape.”

“What – like a cat burglar?”

“Yes… oh, I see what you did there, Chief!”

In the protection of the bushes, a man made a few notes on his notepad.  “This will be front page news!” he said and carefully made his exit.


The Chief’s radio crackled into life.

“Chief, Gail and I are in the town centre.  There’s a huge cat trying to climb the tree here!”

“OK” answered the chief, and then turned to Betty and Lodge. “At least we know where it is now!”

Quickly they were all on the scene.  The Fireman was stood there, bullhorn in hand.


“Come down Kitty” he called. But the cat ignored him. Betty tried shaking a small tin of biscuits, but given the size of the tree, it was unlikely that anything would hear the rattling. Gail then smiled.

“I’ve got an idea” she said and went back to her car.  In an instant, she returned with her speaker and two microphones.  She switched everything on, then gave a microphone to Betty.

“Try shaking the tin now” she said.


Betty rattled the tin with the microphone close.  The cat stopped and looked down.


Day 4 –

We get a fireman with a Bullhorn!  I have to say that I am really impressed with the printing on the fireman, complete with the angle torch, belt and reflective printing!


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